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You can always count on an establishment figure such as the Archbishop of Canterbury to come to the assistance of …well, the establishment!

“The “systematic humiliation” of MPs is threatening Britain’s democracy, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned. Dr Rowan Williams, writing in The Times tomorrow, says that the issues raised by the expenses scandal are grave and that urgent action is required. He adds: “But many will now be wondering whether the point has not been adequately made: the continuing systematic humiliation of politicians itself threatens to carry a heavy price in terms of our ability to salvage some confidence in our democracy.”

I wonder who are the “many” are to whom the Druid refers? These clerical clown does NOT get it, at all.

One question – can we see YOUR expenses, Dr Williams ?

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4 thoughts on “THE BISHOP’S CROOKS…

  1. The bishop would have a point if MPs had pre-empted the scandal by reforming it themselves, say last year, or the year before that.

    But they fought reform tooth and nail, and if they had succeeded their expenses would have remained outside the Freedom of Information Act. Given that, they deserve all the opprobium now being heaped on them.

    This may turn out well in that it could lead to root and branch reforms equivalent in significance to the extension of the franchise between 1832 – 1929. Those reforms would go way beyond expenses and for my money would have to include:

    1. A reduction in the number of MPs from 635 to 500.
    2. Much greater scrutiny of the executive in the house of commons.
    3. A totally elected second chamber with much greater powers (the US senate comes to mind).
    4. Fixed term parliaments with elections every four years.
    4. A totally proportionate voting system, so that votes cast equal seats won.

    But my bet is that it will be business as usual after the next election. The expenses system will be reformed, but nothing else. And democrcay will continue to wither on the vine.

  2. Like all Marxists, Williams despises the people deep down. Maybe he’d prefer it if we voted ourselves away instead of the criminal-political class for which the Archbishop has such sympathy.

    Peter –

    The Queen will live up to her Coronation Oath before those changes will happen.

  3. The Archbishop may want to STFU for once and learn his Bible and see if there’s anything in there that he agrees with.

  4. What would he rather we do instead of heaping humiliation on them – take them out, one by one and stringing them up?, of course not, that isn’t the British way, but humiliation is what we do very well…and it cannot be said that they didn’t bring it on themselves.

    As Peter said, an earlier admission of guilt might have saved their disgrace, but, as they saw fit to give us all a metaphorical V-sign, – then to Hell with the lot of them.

    As for damaging our so-called democracy, the ‘first past the post’ system isn’t democracy, it’s far to open to manipulation, gerrymandering, and skullduggery, (oh that wonderful postal vote). Something better is definitely required.

    Even then, while a majority either works or relies on the government for their income there cannot be any meaningful democracy, as there are few who would vote against their self-interest, – no matter how altruistic they may pretend to be, – as has been proven by our MP’s!

    As with most things, ‘rights’ should have to be earned, and that goes for the ‘right to vote’. Some form of qualification for the right to vote would at least ensure that the right was valued and voting would at least be taken seriously. I know that is a contentious idea, but the present haphazard and poorly policed system does nothing to enhance the concept of democracy, – quite the opposite, it makes it a mockery!…

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