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Bought the new Madness album called the “The Liberty of Norton Folgate” – their first in a decade. It’s a grown up masterpiece – very impressed with it.  The album derives its title, and its 10-minute title-track suite, from a short stretch of Bishopsgate in east London which until 1900 was administered by the inhabitants rather than the surrounding boroughs, accordingly attracting a populace of rogues and artists.

Anyway, here is one of their older perhaps less well know tracks which I have always liked…it’s got a lazy soul feel to it…

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4 thoughts on “ATW FRIDAY JUKEBOX

  1. One of the great bands, the soundtrack of my misspent youth.

    David –

    Did you know Madness recorded a version of Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) with Elvis Costello? It’s slower than the original single, pretty laid back. I prefer it –


  2. Excellent band, the original Nutty Boys!
    I can still recall as a naive 12 or 13-yr old, listening to their only No.1 hit "House of Fun" and thinking to myself, "There is obviously some strange double-entendre going on in these lyrics which I just don’t get. A kid walks into a chemists, and repeatedly asks for some balloons/party-poppers, and the sales assistant becomes increasingly frustrated with him, telling him "this is a chemist, not a joke shop", then he suddenly feels the need to hide when a neighbour walks into the shop? – It’s a great tune, but what on earth is this song all about?" Oh, the innocence of those young years!

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