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Listened with an air of ‘I already know this’ to the BBC Today interview with Pakistani officials who were discussing the penchant for ‘mass murder’ by suicide bombers encouraged by the Taliban terrorists who have now invaded the Swat valley to the north of Islamabad. But I switched into ‘alert’ mode when the police chief who was being interviewed stated that many of the ‘suicide killers’ were actually children and young men, groomed for death and ‘paradise’ by cynical mullahs and Taliban terrorist leaders; given a target, given a large injection of adrenaline to help overcome any last-minute nerves, and given an explosive-laden truck to aim at an enemy.

Now you might think that I am just either making this up, or exaggerating to the point of lunacy, but I am also afraid that it is entirely true!

So what must we think of the fact that we have allowed, through a combination of stupidity, an unreal lack of any form of effective border control at any of the many ports of entry to Great Britain, a criminally lax immigration policy first effected by the Tories and manfully grasped and enlarged by Labour, some Twenty-Seven Thousand young men who come from the same tradition, ethos and background as the joyfull juvenile mass killers of the Suicide Clans of Pakistan and the Taliban?

Oh, and just by-the by, if the police locate and detain ANY of this scum, this Nation will not be able to deport any of them; because we might be acting against their Human Rights, and we can’t have that, can we?


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5 thoughts on “Students of Terror?

  1. Mike

    I heard the report this morning. Truly chilling, and it looks like Pakistan is in for a wave of suicide bombing as bad as what we have seen in Iraq.

    But at least the Pakistani army has finally moved against the Taliban. Maybe there is hope.

  2. The only thing wrong with this article is the assertion that this was all an error, a mistake committed by governments, Tory and Labour, since the 1950s. I believe that this was all done on purpose, it was an multi lateral war waged by the ruling elite against the working class people of this country. It was firstly done out of an old class hatred on the part of the elite to ethnically cleanse the old working class areas as well as drop the equilibrium labour cost by moving the supply of labor curve to the right. This mass intake of people were brought in, always against the wishes of the ordinary folk and the establishment used Orwellian mass mind control via the media as well as Gramscian infiltration of the universities, schools and other institutions to ensure the prevailing mind set was one of compliance. All the main parties were signed up to the same agenda for their different purposes. Conservatives saw a huge cheap labor supply, cheap nannies for their children and cut price plumbers whereas Labour saw the new votes largely for their party as well as the Trotskyist destruction of a ethnologically based state, being replaced by an international one. That is why the governments changed their message of the 1960s and 1970s from ‘They will all be like you in a few years time just with a different color’ to ‘They must retain their original ethnic ways in multiculturalism.’ The Liberal Democrats were ideologically drawn to open borders and improving the lives of people who might have otherwise spent their lives in poorer Third World countries. In this they all typically dismissed the qualms of the working people who wre the first to suffer due to the smaller cake available to them in education, heath and job opportunities. The racist label was made the worst insult available by the intelligensia and this was thrown at anybody who even queried this open borders agenda. The Labour government even tried the economic argument for increased immigration about increasing GDP and GNP via this route despite the fact that the poorer groups all lost out andf made poorer by this phenomenon and werein the front line of being exposed to a deluge of crime. Meanwhile the post Macpherson the politicised police were programmed to act against the majority interests and become enforcers of the new doctrine of multiculturalism. This has now led us to today’s situation where white young girls are openly groomed for sex by older Muslim men while the authorities look the other way for perceived white racism. A Norwegian feminist tells her compatriots that the increased rape by Muslim men in their country is because the women do not cover up enough. Our feminists follow her lead as race trumps gender in the left wing stakes and they keep quiet about this silent abomination in our inner cities against our girl children. You couldn’t make it up.

  3. ".. first effected by the Tories and manfully grasped and enlarged by Labour.. "

    Don’t forget the squeals of outrage and accusations of racism every time the Tories suggested border controls.

  4. More like: Mike Cunningham???

    Exactly what part(s) of HG’s essay would you disagree with and why?

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