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Who Are The Fascists?

By ATWadmin On June 4th, 2009

IF YOU haven’t voted yet but intend to do so, your deadline is 10.00pm. Use your vote well and remember, don’t vote for the BNP because they’re, like, fascists man (let’s not quibble, it’s close enough to socialism).

Meanwhile, a mother who has no learning difficulties and “good literacy and numeracy” and whose “general intellectual abilities appear to be within the normal range” has had her child stolen from her by the State because she’s ‘too stupid’ to keep her. She has been told she will never see her child again.

Elsewhere, the Police are arresting innocent children simply to store their DNA, as part of a “long-term crime prevention strategy” to dissuade youths from committing crimes in the future.

Take care out there and don’t forget – no voting for the BNP ‘cos they’re the fascists.

2 Responses to “Who Are The Fascists?”

  1. The BNP chooses to hang out with some interesting pond life from Europe, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on the fascist tag, just.

    But they are most certainly racist and they aren’t at all keen on the jews.

  2. Well great news Peter…the pvda (the dutch labour party) is getting a good kicking here in Holland and especially in Rotterdam. With Geert Wilders getting all the votes in the european elections…Hip…hip Hooray.