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stardust.jpgI noticed that over a hundred people have gathered in Dublin for a special anniversary service to remember the 48 young people who perished in the Stardust disaster. Families and survivors have joined together to pay tribute to the dead, who were mostly aged in their teens and early 20s when they died in the Valentine’s nightclub blaze in north Dublin 26 years ago. I can remember the tragedy at the time and trust that those who lost sons and daughters have found peace. So tragic to lose so many young people on Valentine’s Day.

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  1. The tragedy was caused in part by accident and in part by incompetence and criminal negligence.

  2. I was only one year old at the time but my mother has very vivid memories of it. We lived just around the corner from the Dublin City Morgue and my mothers abiding memory is the screams of the families as they identified their children, sometimes by jewellery or clothing fragments.

    A young girl I knew growing up had lost both her parents that night. Orphaned at the age of one by a tragedy which under today’s laws would be considered Corporate Manslaughter.



  3. >>today’s laws would be considered Corporate Manslaughter.<<

    The tragedy was for the most part due to the naive disorganisation and irresponsibility that characterised Ireland in those days. Almost 1000 people were packed into this disco, yet neither Dublin corporation nor any other authority had ever carried out a safety inspection of the building. On the night of the fire, there were no fire extinguishers in place and the fire-escape exits were locked with chained (to prevent revellers inside letting their mates in without paying). Many fled into the toilets to try to get out the windows there, but these were also locked and those in the toilets perished.

    Incredibly, the owner sued for damages for the loss of his disco and got over half a million Pounds in compensation!

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