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By ATWadmin On August 24th, 2007 at 9:08 am

skateboardSN1508_468x317.jpgDid you read that police are are being sent out skateboarding during working hours in a groundbreaking bid to cut crime and make them appear "cool"?

Hampshire Police’s latest initiative in the fight against crime is to send beat officers to join youths at a skate ramp at Lee-On-The-Solent where they can learn tricks and improve their street cred. Uniformed police attend the workshops, aimed at kids aged 12 to 16, where they can get tuition from expert skaters and meet young people in their area. The force tries to ensure at least one of a team of four constables, three Police Community Support Officers and one sergeant are there for each two-hour session. According to organisers the scheme not only boosts officers’ kudos among teenagers but also reduces offending in the area.

Sorry, not impressed. It’s NOT the function of a Police force to look "cool" or to have "cred" with the kids on the street. In fact one could argue that by contorting itself in this way and embracing these ridiculous liberal  feel-good initiatives, the Police come across as a laughing stock and are therefore not taken seriously.


By ATWadmin On August 24th, 2007 at 8:46 am

whoite%20flag1.bmpIf this report is correct Britain is about to pull-out from the Basra palace, its last remaining base in the Iraqi city.The move, which is symbolically significant and will improve the safety of British troops, is expected to take place within the next two weeks and may come within days, officials say. An announcement will be made by the Iraqis. The decision to hand over the palace to Iraqi forces comes at a time of growing criticism by elements in the US military of Britain’s role in southern Iraq. The criticism is dismissed by British military commanders.

Let’s examine two elements of this report.

First of all let us consider the "symbolism" of the move. To my mind it symbolises just one thing; abject failure. And to those who take a different line on this to me, let me ask how do YOU think the Jihadi and Iranian insurgents operating in this area will interpret this? As a defeat for their terrorism, or as a victory?

Next, let us think about those British military commanders who dismiss any criticism of their run away strategy. It’s not that long ago that we were hearing from these same commanders what a jolly good job they were doing in Basra, employing all that vast experience gained in Northern Ireland. They compared their "success" in Basra to US failure in Baghdad. But who’s running away now?

Finally, isn’t the truth that this is a POLITICAL decision? Brown wants the kudos for pulling the troops out. The hard Left love the idea of our armed forces being defeated. And indeed our soldiers will be much safer if they get out of Basra, and right out of Iraq. But will the rest of us be safer when the Jihadi watching these events unfold see that we do not stick to our word and that if there are enough casualties we will shrug and abandon the mission? The media will hail the surrender of the British Army in southern Iraq as a momentous victory for Gordon Brown. But be under no illusion – it is a huge defeat and the war on terror looks increasingly like it is being lost.


By ATWadmin On August 24th, 2007 at 8:32 am

hoodie.jpgI thought that this is a rather good article by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith on the topic of gang culture, He makes a number of telling points, one of which is that because of the total collapse of normal household structures among a certain underclass, the gangs have become an alternative form of family for their young members. Juvenile delinquents are growing up without any true father figures. Instead, they live with a string of unreliable and violent "stepfathers" in which drug taking, alcohol abuse and violence is the norm. A further consequence of breakdown in the family is that boys have no male role models to display the traditional virtues of stability, fidelity and the work ethic.

Iain is spot on in these comments and when he adds that Britain’s poverty is not just financial – indeed, the state has never been more generous in its handouts, I fully agree. The poverty is one of spirit, caused by the erosion of all essential standards and structures.  We need to reclaim our streets from the thugs by adopting a policy of zero tolerance towards any form of lawlessness, we need to strengthen the institution of marriage whilst removing Welfare from those who abuse it. We need a real revolution on our streets if we are to prevent the further growth of the street gangs as they become the alternative to the family.

“He looks the guilty type”

By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 6:55 pm

One of the most bumblingly inept of all the bumblingly inept Labour government ministers, is Tony McNulty, MP for Harrow East, and minister of state for the Home Office. McNulty, who once advised members of the public who saw a crime being committed to "jump up and down" in a bid to distract the criminal, has particular responsibility for the police service. And, in that capacity, he has once again distinguished himself as being quite possibly the most idiotic minister in the current government – a rather impressive feat, it has to be said.

Yesterday, the government, represented by the rotund figure of McNulty, brought into force a set of new laws enabling the police to challenge town centre drunks. Under these new laws, the police will be able to slap troublesome drinkers with an order, called a "direction to leave", which will have the effect of banning them from a set area for two days. If you, as a suspected troublesome drinker, fail to comply with Plod’s command, you will face a fine of up to £2,500, and Plod will also be able to take your fingerprints and DNA.

Now, this sounds fairly draconian in any event. After all, if someone is actually committing a crime, then I don’t see why the police should not just arrest them, and then deal with them through the conventional channels. And if they’re not actually committing a crime, then I fail to see why they should be treated as if they were. However, the direction to leave will not only apply to those who are rip-roaringly drunk and causing a disturbance. It will also apply to those whom the police suspect might get rip-roaringly drunk and cause a disturbance. This can extend, not just to people who are having a drink but are not drunk, but also to people who have not even started to drink.

Quite how the police are going to identify violent drunks before they’ve touched a drop is beyond me. Unless the police have hitherto unknown powers of prophecy, I imagine that there will be rather a lot of guesswork involved. And, personally, I think that the idea that people can be prevented from going about their lawful business, and potentially face a very substantial fine, solely on the grounds that some semi-literate Plod thinks that they ‘look the type’, is repugnant.

The aim of these new police powers is to reduce alcohol-fuelled crime and disorder. And this is, of course, a perfectly laudable aim. However, I have a very radical idea, which might, just possibly, prove somewhat more effective than guesswork in preventing crime. And that is, that the police should actually do their jobs properly. Just yesterday, David wrote about the man in Portsmouth who was told by the police that he should write to his MP after his son was knocked unconscious by thugs, since there were no police officers available to deal with the crime. Now, perhaps if the police were to devote a bit more time to actually patrolling the streets at chucking out time, and a bit less time to harassing law-abiding people, then they might prove somewhat more effective at preventing alcohol-fuelled crime. Just a thought.

Hat-tip: Mr Smith


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 12:28 pm

I listened to Radio 5 – the uberliberal fest of a BBC radio station, and caught the end of a discussion on how we can best address the rampant youth crime that infests our streets and which is creating mayhem and murder. The solutions proposed were simple! We need to build more inner city "Youth Centres" and get errant youth to enter into good behaviour contracts. This is the way forward, apparently and met with approval from the BBC. Now, why didn’t I think of that? No mention of tough law enforcement, breaking up gang culture, parental responsibility. Liberals NEVER learn.


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 9:57 am

fmolloy.jpgThe Newsletter reports today that IRA/Sinn Fein MLA Francie Molloy is not or ever has been a spy. Got that? Yes indeed, Mr Molloy has said he is taking legal advice, after a number of wicked websites claimed he was the IRA/Sinn Fein man that the DUP will name in Parliament as a British agent who conspired in murder.

The veteran republican with the kindly face has said: “I am talking to my solicitors about it and they are handling it. I have no comment to make at all. These are allegations.” 

Upper Bann MP David Simpson has said he will expose a leading Sinn Fein figure, under the legal cover of Parliamentary privilege, when the House of Commons returns from its summer break. But he has not yet publicly identified the person he believes took part in the planning of the murder of his cousin, Frederick Lutton, near Moy, Co Armagh, in 1979. The MP further alleges that the unnamed republican was afforded immunity from conviction by becoming a police informant.

Clearly Mr Molloy’s good reputation as a model citizen is sullied by these scurrilous internet rumours. They very idea is repugnant to all right minded people. And when one considers how Sinn Fein spies, such as Denis Donaldson, end up tragically murdered by persons unknown, we must hope that these allegations are rapidly swept away for the tissue of odious lies that they so patently are. Isn’t it time Mr Simpson revealed the details he has promised so the reputation of Mr Molly can be…erm…restored? 

Update – 23.08.08

By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 9:32 am

After spending half of the last week sleeping on a sofa bed at the Leeds General Infirmary I have become a witness to a minor miracle.  For much of the week I thought I would lose my grandmother.  The nurse came to see my father and I on Monday and said she had only hours to live.  Now, in a recovery that has astounded the nurses and her consultant, my grandmother is almost back to her old self.  She is not out of the woods yet – far from it.  However, I still need to be at her side for a few more days until she can return home.  I hope all at ATW understand my position.


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 9:24 am

carnivalSWNS2208_468x648.jpgCouldn’t resist this one. Stuck for inspiration about what to wear at their village carnival in Cornwall, one group made a last-minute decision to dress up in mock Muslim burkas. As they walked the one-mile parade route, the group knelt down in mock prayer and used fake compasses to try to find Mecca. Their routine impressed carnival judges – a mayor, two district councillors and a parish councillor – and they were shortlisted for the "best entry" prize. But before any awards were handed out, police told the group to leave after complaints about racism.

Yesterday, as one member of the team apologised, the organisers of the annual carnival through the winding streets of St Columb Major, near Newquay, Cornwall, insisted their inclusion was not offensive. Nina Brenton said: "We were approached by about six students from out of the area and they thought it was disgusting and offensive to Muslims. They asked how we could allow it in our carnival, but it’s not up to us to dictate what’s offensive. We did advise the group in question what had happened and gave them the choice of whether to carry on in the procession, and they did. "Everybody was having fun, but in the end the police got involved and moved them on"

And so the Burqa parade ended. We must never poke fun at Muslims, right? I wonder were the "six students" who raised the racist complaint Muslim perchance?


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 8:45 am

JabbaTheHutt.jpgI see that Jabba the Hutt  look-a-like John Prescott, our beloved former Deputy Prime Minister, is stepping down from his Hull East constituency at the next General Election. This buffoon is not finished in politics however because he has been recently elected chairman of the UK delegation to the Council of Europe – and there is a likelihood that he will go to the House of Lords after the election. This Council was established in 1949 to promote human rights and freedoms!!! Prescott’s elevation sums up the Nulabour approach to politics. It rewards the most incompetent, it praises those who lie, it delights in turning vice into virtue.


By ATWadmin On August 23rd, 2007 at 8:33 am

What do you make of the news that the primary agency of the British Government here in Northern Ireland is unable to say how much it has spent on legal costs over the past FIVE years?

The vipers in the Northern Ireland Office say that accurate figures have not been kept but it is now taking action to rectify the situation. Big deal!  It revealed that the records which do exist show that the office was involved in at least 43 judicial review cases from November 2002 to November 2006, at a cost of up to £1.5m. But they say these figures are only estimates because of the "gap in record keeping". This "missing period" includes all of 2002 – the NIO says no figures are available for this period. The £1.5m legal bill does not include representation for the secretary of state to defend the appointment of former Victims Commissioner Bertha McDougall.

Here is the arrogance of the State on full display. It spends OUR money and yet cannot account for it. However its agencies such as the Inland Revenue and VAT authorities ensure we all must account for every penny we spend of our own money. Those who carried responsibility for this total abrogation of financial responsibility should be sacked on the spot but I bet they will get promoted.