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Chewing the Fatah

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:46 pm

My stance on the internecine warfare between the various Palestinians in Gaza is one of supreme indifference to the fate of the Palestinians themselves.  For me, I remain committed to the belief that the fewer Palestinians there are in the region, the more secure and peaceful the Jewish people will be in their rightful homeland.  However, what this latest fighting indicates is how utterly foolish the Israeli State would be to enter into negotiations on a Palestinian homeland that would not only be poor, but incredibly unstable politically.

Why should an unstable ‘Palestine’ bother Israel?  After all, Croatia has been pretty stable since independence, even as neighbouring Serbia fragmented and suffered the ignominity of western air strikes.  The difference is that the instability in the Gaza Strip and, to a lesser extent the West Bank, is borne out of the desire of a majority of its inhabitants to annihilate Israel.  At the present time the Jewish State has a measure of control (with a significant American blessing) to monitor and orchestrate its own security by launching attacks on what is still officially disputed territory.  That window of self-preservation would be closed if these territories had legal international standing.  And when you have a religion where followers can’t even live in peace with each other, what chance have you got that they will ever live in peace with, and respect the right of existence to, Israel?

Conversing with Trailer Trash

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:15 pm

Supposing the mother of a sexually violated daughter offered to meet the man who had carried out this wicked deed.  What would be gained?  It would only be an opportunity for the offender to claim he had an insatiable sex drive.  The point I am making is when you hold certain principles, you do not trade them for what you hope will be short-term expediency, but in effect will bestow an air of understanding and legitimacy upon the sinful party.

This same argument applies to the Orangemen of Portadown.  After years of maintaining the moral high ground by refusing to chin-wag with insurrectionist garbage about their right to walk down a public road in a profession of loyalty to the country in which they reside, they are now on the verge of a complete U-turn by suggesting they will meet the residents of the Garvaghy Road face-to-face.  Yes, they may not have been granted their inalienable right to walk down the road because a quango appointed by people who believe that the ‘rights’ of those who hate this United Kingdom should be accommodated before those of citizens who demonstrate steadfast loyalty, but that is beside the point.  There is nothing to discuss.  The Garvaghy Road is a thoroughfare within the United Kingdom.  Those who wish to walk along it for ONE day per year are people who take pride in that constitutional position.  By contrast, those who wish to deny them that entitlement are people who hate the United Kingdom and appoint a self-confessed bomber as their sanctimonious spokesman.

How many of the proles who will rush forth to defend the Garvaghy cabal have actually been down that road?  The nearest house to the kerbside is around 30 – 40 yards away.  The estate is typical of those built in the Craigavon area during the 1960s to accommodate the Belfast overspill.  Very few houses are in close proximity to principal thoroughfares.  Thus, who the hell is Brendan McCenasfodhadfngyivhfgsofidfiogudfiojsdgfhrfsdhdfhafigh (or simply ‘McKenna’ to normal people) to tell British people on British soil where they can and can’t walk?

I imagine the Orange leaders in Mid-Ulster thing that by talking to the likes of McKenna they will open up a window that will inevitably lead to the resumption of their church parade.  Not a bit of it.  Republicans will use the meeting as a photo-opportunity to demonstrate how the Orangemen have been humbled by circumstances, yet will still preclude them for marching by invoking the same stupid arguments they have been using since the mid-1990s.  You maintain your dignity and your pride by adhering to certain fundamentals.

So what should the Portadown Orangemen do?  What they have done for the last nine summers, of course!!  You hold fast on Drumcree Hill and pray for a time when politicians in charge of this nation adopt the more sensible tactic of putting down those who despise it in order that individuals and organisations which are proud to call themselves British can resume the entitlements they had previously.


On This Day…18.12

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 10:06 pm

1865 – Slavery is officially abolished in the United States of America with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

1946 – Labour MPs in Britain triumphantly sing The Red Flag as the House of Commons votes to nationalise the railways, road haulage and the ports.

1946 – Steven Spielberg, director of the cinematic masterpiece Jaws (and some other pretty good movies as well), is born in Cincinnati, Ohio.spielberg.jpg




1956 – Japan is admitted to membership of the United Nations.

1990 – In India, the Taj Mahal reopens to the public after being closed to tourists due to secretarian fighting in the nearby city of Agra.

1991 – In South Africa, Inkatha leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi announces his withdrawal from negotiations on ending apartheid.

Red does not only signify danger!

By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 7:53 pm

I listened as these wretched women described their lives; lives of degradation, of selling the very stuff of life, of joyless sex for money, of pandering to their customers who have picked them off a street curbside for moments of frenetic activity in exchange for coin of the realm. And what is that coin spent on? Drugs; whether it be heroin, or cocaine of either variety; of crystal meth, which is almost guaranteed to fry the user’s brains in a comparatively short space of time; of the evilly-named ecstasy, which gives so little true ease alongside the promise of a very early death! The choice is wide, and the pickings are good; good that is for the dealers, but not very good for the end-users; hooked as they are on a transient ‘high’ which is chemically-induced and deliberately short, so that the addict will do anything to gain that next ‘fix’.

The broadcast stories of the Ipswich whores are not, in themselves, unusual; but they do reflect a side of our society which, to the law-abiding amongst us, is almost unreal. To be forced to sell your body in order to provide the means of allowing a very temporary forgetfulness to seep into your mind is so far away from the lives lived by the majority of Britons today as to be almost tales from a foreign land!

I firmly believe that we should take one of two very different paths in regard to the huge drug problem in our country today. We should do one of two things; either legalise all ‘Class A and B’ drugs; set up monitored ‘user clinics’, with trained technicians and careful distribution patterns; or immediately make the possession of any amount of any drug not specifically prescribed a criminal offence, with full life sentences for possession with intent to deal or distribute; with regulatory confiscation of all assets illegally obtained by such possession, and ‘cold turkey’ sentences for any person found using or holding any amount of any scheduled drug.

We used to make suicide a criminal offence! The taking of drugs is, in my view, tantamount to suicide, and selling them is close to murder, and drug-related suicide should be a criminal offence once again!



By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 5:15 pm

Tough day today. Been away for the weekend and just got back to be told that my father has been diagnosed with advanced cancer. There is no possibility of surgery. You can imagine the stress for all involved. 


By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 4:50 pm

kirsty1.jpgOK, here is the BEST Christmas song ever. And as ever it comes with a mixture of joy and poignancy – espeically today which is the 6th Anniversary of Kirsty’s death. She was killed on this day in 2000. Can you imagine what is was like for her family to lose her one week before Christmas? God bless them at this most difficult time…


By ATWadmin On December 18th, 2006 at 3:42 pm

Am I the only one perplexed by Tony Blair’s praise for Mahmoud Abbas’s commitment to the "peace process" in the Middle East? My reason for being perplexed is simple; there is NO peace process!

Abbas’s Fatah want to destroy Israel, so does his rivals in Hamas. Whichever of these competing Pali clans "wins" the election, democracy is a loser. Why? Because, as I keep repeating to those who support IRA/Sinn Fein, a mandate at the polls does not legitimise violence or the threat of violence. The Palestinian people are to be pitied for having such a murderous corrupted political class – but voting for such dross does not make them acceptable. Blair is meddling in affairs here to distract the media from his own disintegrating grasp of the domestic agenda. He really should mind his own business – playing the Mother Theresa role ill-becomes him.

“sling it out with the trash!”

By ATWadmin On December 17th, 2006 at 3:17 pm

When senior American White House people, of either political persuasion, have news or stories which might reflect badly on their management of the country, they try and slide them out during the Thursday afternoon briefing sessions, so it usually gets slung along with all the other stories, in what is known as ‘Taking it out with the Trash’. By bundling up important or embarrassing announcements alongside lots of dull notifications, they hope to try and bury them amongst the detritus of news which comes pouring out of the Press rooms of the American Government. Similarly, the Downing Street news teams, or to call them by their correct title the News Suppression Team, usually bury announcements in amongst the ‘Written answers’ to Parliamentary questions and similar goodies.

So half the broadcast and print media failed to notice the report that the Prime Minister had been questioned regarding the ‘Loans-for-Peerages’ story which has been rumbling on for over ten months. The only story which was noticed by ALL was the stories about a DEAD Princess! But what about the rest, buried as they were amidst the murders in Ipswich, the rumblings over Afghanistan, Iraq and the Post Office closures? What about the DNA of over 1 million innocent people held forever on a Home Office database? What about the £3 BILLION spent on ‘Consultants’, whose advice, when it is taken, usually ends up with a worse mess than previously? Had anyone looked at the massive plans for expansion of airports in the South-East? Not many hit hard on the closure of the Serious Fraud enquiry into the Saudi slush fund from BAE systems! Only a few concentrated on the British Government’s knowledge of Iraqi WMD’s, or rather the lack of!

Alastair Campbell would be proud of you, guys! Spinning to the left, and the right; not even Shane Warne could claim that sort of record!



“We don’t need no Educashun!”

By ATWadmin On December 17th, 2006 at 11:45 am

The Betrayal of a Generation

A simple set of statistics speaks volumes about our society. One tenth of young Britishers cannot read at a standard expected of an eleven-year-old; and (perhaps a small blessing in heavy disguise), one fifth of this same company cannot read the screened words shown to sing-along to the tortured noises from a karaoke session in a pub! The education levels of our teenagers in this high-tech world of ours, where we have to either compete or perish, are stated to be truly pathetic, and are contributing to both the formation of an Underclass, and the prolongation of that same species!

As a youngster, I learnt my spelling by rote and by memory, similarly with basic grammar rules; of punctuation, of language placement and interpretation, in order to speak and to write as I needed to both complete my lessons and tasks, and (although I did not appreciate this at the time) to equip me for the world into which I would be propelled once clear of school. To send, from a class of, say, 120 pupils in an age rating, 24 of these youngsters who cannot even sing-along in a raucous pub environment is something which would have been viewed with absolute dismay by the staff of that same establishment where I slogged through five years! Coming, as we pupils all did, from a disparate set of Elementary or Primary Schools, we had been equipped for the ‘push’ towards adulthood with reading, writing and numerate skills so that we could seamlessly adapt to the new environment of accelerated learning!

The malign ‘levelling’ influence of the Socialist-beloved Comprehensive, where one level greets all; with that level being set at a ridiculously low level; combined with the slow and steady deterioration in examination standards, congealed as they are by the ludicrous ‘NuLabour’ agenda of ‘everyone wins a prize, because no-one loses under Labour’ has succeeded in a smoothing, but not a smoothing which one might rejoice in! The blank stares which rebound when any discussion with teenagers include such choice items as local or world politics, or the economies of their own native land or indeed anyone else’s, or any number of the things which people talk about make me cringe! If the topic doesn’t include ‘The X Factor’, whatever that may be, or ‘Pop Idol’, or (shudder) ‘Corrie’ or the dreaded leaden tones which portend ‘Eastenders’, they just don’t want to know, or in fact, don’t care! If I ask which book they might have read recently, or if they’ve visited a library, a look which is exactly half-way between alarm and hostility usually spreads across their faces!

The British ‘NOW’ generation has arrived, savvy with how to download the latest mobile phone jingle, or ‘ripping’ the stolen sounds of someone’s work onto a CD, so they can plug their bloody earphones in and disappear from a less-than-impressed world, but very little else! Just let them check out the statistics from India or China, and sift through to see the real numbers of competence; and then continue to exhibit the sheep-like stares which state that they just don’t bloody care!



By ATWadmin On December 17th, 2006 at 10:35 am

obrien.gifI see that Conor Cruise O’Brien has weighed in on the subject of whether Dr Paisley will "do a deal" and allow the IRA into a local Government, early next year…

For some days, there has been rather feverish speculation in the Dublin and London papers about the intentions of Ian Paisley. Commentators have been suggesting that Paisley is about to do a deal with Sinn Fein, in which he would become First Minister with a Sinn Fein representative as his deputy. Paisley did not initially discourage the speculation. Indeed, he allowed it to be known that he was keeping an open mind.


The Dublin and London media grasped at this signal and suggested the deal was as good as made. I have known the DUP leader very well for nearly half a century now and I know this speculation to be altogether unfounded. Indeed, Paisley would have been crazy to have concluded such a deal. His own followers, who have made him the leader of the largest party in Northern Ireland, would have deserted him enmasse immediately.


But my friend and political ally Bob McCartney believes Paisley was seriously contemplating such a deal and warned him quite earnestly of the political ruin that would follow it. Paisley was quite happy to take on board such a warning. But the Paisley-watchers in the British and Irish Governments refused to take the warning seriously. They really believed he was about to do the deal. As I write, the British and Irish Governments and their press officers are still trying to keep the proposed deal alive, but by now rather forlornly. I expect it will soon collapse and Paisley will become a non-person in the press which the governments control.

I hope Conor is right. I can’t say in all honesty that I share his view on this. There is an unbearable pragmatism in the air which will be further fueled early in the New Year and the portents for a "walk away" scenario as outlined by Conor are poor.

I might be a little cheeky and remind Conor that it was his political ally Bob Mc Cartney who devised the "tar baby" analogy when it came to a previous team of foolish Unionists embracing that which they then found they could not then get away from. Back then, they were also given good advice and ignored it. I feel the same is happening now….time will tell, and all views are welcome.