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By ATWadmin On December 14th, 2006 at 9:33 am

arlin.jpgHere’s a poignant image of what Arlington Cemetary looks like at the moment. This was sent to me by ATW reader and regular commentator Ernest Young.

I was there myself a few years ago now and was most impressed with the dignity, quietness and SHEER scale of the place.

Readers may be interested to know that these wreaths — some 5,000 — are donated by the Worcester Wreath Co. of Harrington, Maine. The owner, Merrill Worcester, not only provides the wreaths, but covers the trucking expense as well. He’s done this since 1992. A wonderful guy. Also, most years, groups of Maine school kids combine an educational trip to DC with this event to help out. Making this even more remarkable is the fact that Harrington is in one the poorest parts of the state.

As Ernest points out…

Arlington Cemetary at Christmas, and all done by a private enterprise – just to say thanks to the Armed Forces. It highlights some of the very different attitudes that prevail ‘over there’, that they treat their vets far better than we do in the UK is a given, but I could never see anything similar happening here!


By ATWadmin On December 14th, 2006 at 9:25 am

uda203.jpgWhat a surprise. The so-called "hard men of loyalism" (Quislings to anyone with a brain btw) will not "stand in the way" of an Ian Paisley-Martin McGuinness government. That was the message delivered by the UDA’s political wing – the Ulster Political Research Group – in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph. Ho Hum.Cue celebrations all round.

I need not remind readers as to how vile and disgusting a terror group the UDA is. That it remains active, murdering and wounding, stealing and intimidating, up to its neck in every form of criminality. That it’s political frontmen welcome the admission of IRA terror proxies to Government is entirely predictable and should give the more reasoned element of the DUP food for thought. Does Jim Allister, for example, welcome the goodwill from the UDA’s stooges for his Party entering Government with the Irish mafiosa? Green light spells danger, to paraphrase Bily Ocean.


By ATWadmin On December 14th, 2006 at 9:18 am

Just to let you folks know that Channel 4 News carried an excerpt from ATW yesterday on this item on surgery for obese children! As you can see, our "tell it like we see it" approach does carry at least a degree of freshness and media interest!

I’m also reminding those who can tune in that I will be appearing on BBC’s "Hearts and Minds" political TV programme this evening. It’s broadcast on BBC2 NI @ 7.30pam and BBC NI @ 11.30pm. I’m off to record my contribution this afternoon – look upon it as MY Christmas message to the political class.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye…! 


By ATWadmin On December 14th, 2006 at 9:00 am

I note that the government is "consulting" people in Northern Ireland about whether Irish should be recognised as an official language here.

Four options are being considered for the protection and promotion of the language in NI. 

The first option would see Irish become an official language in Northern Ireland like Welsh is in Wales, giving it an equal footing with English. That would mean it would be used to a significant extent by state agencies, government and the justice system.

The second alternative would be to recognise Irish as having equal validity as English, but this would fall short of the status afforded to Welsh.

A third option would be to recognise Irish as a traditional, historic, indigenous or minority language, according it public recognition but again falling short of official and equal status.

The final plan would be to aspire that Irish would become an official language or have equal status in the future.

795151-591262-thumbnail.jpgNot sure I agree with ANY of these! How about we recognise Irish in the same way as we recognise Klingon, some people choose to speak it which is their business but not of any public concern and should not cost one penny of public money? I fully understand how Irish Nationalists use the "Irish language" to advance their own insurrectionist ideology, just as some Unionists go ape crazy over "Ulster-Scots." I have no time for EITHER, and so I must reject all four options. You can be certain the Government will ignore the so-called consultation anyway and try to give IRA/Sinn Fein what they want. English is our language, pure and simple.

Taking a Stand

By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 2:56 pm

Do I honestly think Bob McCartney will win enough votes to severely dent the DUP’s electoral ego?  Sadly, no!  Do I therefore think it is right he is standing on an anti-St Andrews Agreement ticket with a view to garnering as much opposition as possible?  Absolutely!

Paisley’s new turncoats have blasted Bob’s decision to seek election on that basis.  They claim he could get enough support to fracture the pro-Union vote and possibly allow the IRA to become the largest party in the Assembly.  What sort of basis is that by which to conduct democracy?  There are people out there who, like me, oppose giving the IRA anything other than their just desserts in an execution chamber.  These are people who cannot, and will not, be bought off by the niceties of government seduction.  We need to have more principle in today’s society – in both politicians and the public alike.  There are too many out there who wouldn’t know ‘principle’ if it forced an innocent delivery driver to steer a lorry full of explosives to an Army barracks in Londonderry….(the IRA did exactly that back in 1990).  This is an account of that evil as posted on the Missing Persons-Ireland website:

‘While his family was held hostage in their Londonderry home, Patrick Gillespie, RC, 42, married, 3 children was forced to drive a car loaded with a bomb into the Buncrana Road checkpoint in Coshquin. The explosion killed Patsy as well as 5 young soldiers from the Kings Regiment. Stephen Burrows 30, from Blackpool. He left behind a wife and a 3 year old son. Stephen Beachem, 20, from Warrington, Cheshire, Vincent Scott, 21, from Walton, Liverpool, David Sweeney, 19, from Widnes, Cheshire, Paul Worrall, 23, from Runcorn, Cheshire.  As the bomb exploded, gunmen opened fire from the safe haven across the border. Four years earlier Patsy had narrowly escaped death when he was forced to drive another human bomb to a local Army base. RC Bishop of Derry, Dr Edward Daly accused the IRA of "crossing a new threshold of evil" 17 civilians were injured in the attack.’

There are thousands of people like the Gillespie family.  And they’re not just names.  For them, the sentence imposed upon them by the brutal, evil b***ards of the IRA will never end.  That is why those who find this whole episode sickening to the pit of their stomachs need somebody like Bob McCartney to speak for them.  Bob is not doing this for the money (I, as someone who has had tea at his lovely home on several occasions, will testify, he certainly DOES NOT need the money).  He doesn’t want the fame (he is already a widely-known figure in Ulster politics).  He is opposing Paisley on principle.  In a world driven by the conveniences that power and money bring, I think far too many have forgotten what principle entails.


‘Just the Average Savage’

By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 1:38 pm

america in iraq.jpegI’d like to direct your attention to a posting from the American MilBlogger known as Blackfive, in which he highlights the thoughts, actions and worries of an Infantry Regular as he goes through his days in the maelstrom which is Baghdad!


He talks about the frustrations of operating under Rules of Engagement which seem to have been designed by a company of lawyers acting FOR lawyers, and unfortunately have the effect of making sure that soldiers are thoroughly confused when attempting to carry out their duties!

He asks if America, (and of course through our own involvement, Britain) is ready to give the word? There is of course a choice of words, and those are again, simple; one is LEAVE, and the other is FIGHT! I know which of the two I would choose, what would your choice be?



The Left and Its ‘Acceptable’ Dictators

By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 8:25 am

If I walked down the street wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘I love Hitler’ emblazoned on it, I doubt whether I’d make it 100 yards before, rightly, being insulted or assaulted.  However, if I replaced the word ‘Hitler’ with the word ‘Stalin’,  I suspect most people would not bat an eyelid.  There are obvious similarities between the two.  The cooperated with each other during the early years of WWII; and they ruled their respective territories with an iron fist.  The main difference is the number of people they were responsible for killing.  In that league there is no comparison.  Stalin presided over 50 million deaths, approximately twice the number that Hitler did.

So why would there be a different public reaction to my hypothetical prank?  The answer lies in the media and political consensuses which have a crafty knack of presenting dictators in different ways depending upon whether they hail from the Left or Right of the political spectrum.  Those who inhabit the moral confusion that is Left-wing thought follow slavishly in their wake.  Thus the death of someone like General Pinochet is to be celebrated, whilst the activities of those who were equal and superior in terms of their negative impact are either excused or ignored.  How many know of such names of Jean-Bedel Bokassa or Colonel Mengistu?   The former gave, inter alia, the order for the massacre of 100 schoolchildren in the Central African Republic because they refused to wear the government-decreed uniform; the latter murdered thousands in Ethiopia.  What do they have in common?  A commitment to Marxist ideology.  As for Idi Amin, the most famous act the media remember him for was the expulsion of the Ugandan Indians.  Even Mugabe’s brutal excesses managed to be airbrushed by the Left who see his evil rule as a consequence of ‘British imperialism’.

As David has pointed out, this week saw the passing of Chile’s Augusto Pinochet.  Chile has always been, for me, the most interesting country politically in the Americas.  It is the South American nation with the closest historical ties to the United Kingdom.  It’s first president was the son of an Irish immigrant from Sligo (then part of the Union); its navy was founded by a Scotsman; its roads, railways and much of its agricultural practices were taught by the British – not the Spanish.  Even today 1-in-10 Chileans has some ancient family connection to Britain.  Pinochet was, without doubt, an evil man whose agents of assassination spread far and wide to catch those who opposed him.  Dissenters were hunted down and killed in places as far afield as Italy.  But he pales into insignificance compared with the numbers killed by Castro.

So why the contrast in media approach?  You cannot use the terms of Pinochet’s accession to justify the difference.  Plenty of Left-wing dictators also overcame mandated rule.  It is because the mists of Leftist ‘working hero’ romanticism always come to the fore when excusing the likes of Castro.  Invoking the image of working class resistance has the same impact on Left wing thought as Islam does on suicide bombers.  For many on the Left, death is always excusable when the aim is the ’emancipation of the labouring classes’.  The irony that escapes them today is the fact that Chile has a market economy and an average annual income of nearly $6,000 – thanks largely to the free market practices introduced by Pinochet; whilst Cuba is so secretive and so poor it doesn’t even release its GNI figures to the World Bank, but is widely viewed as having an average annual income less than one-sixth of that!!!  Pinochet killed 3,700; Castro killed 20,000.  Figures like that can really make you choke on your Socialist Workers Party dinner, can’t they?

On This Day…13.12

By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 8:18 am

1784 – Death of Dr Samuel Johnson, British writer and lexicographer, aged 74.

1867 – In London, 12 people are killed when Irish terrorists blow up the outer wall of Clerkenwell Prison in an attempt to rescue a jailed colleague.

1903 – Ice Cream cones patented by Italo Marcione of New York.

1939 – Start of the Battle of the River Plate when British warships attack the German battleship Admiral Graf Spee. The battle finishes when the captain of the Graf Spee scuttles his ship at the entrance to Montevideo harbour.

1967 – A military coup in Greece overthrows the monarchy – King Constantine flees to Rome with his family.

1973 – British Government orders a 3-day working week following an Arab oil embargo and industrial action by the country’s miners.


By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 7:23 am

jimmy_carter_turkey.jpgYes, I know I posted about Jimmy Carter the other day, but I was most impressed with Rich Lowry’s take on Carter’s recent musings…

Jimmy Carter brings a Christian perspective to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. Unfortunately, it is the same Christian perspective as a drunken Mel Gibson, obsessed with heaping blame on the Jews…

The book marks Carter’s further disgraceful descent from ineffectual president and international do-gooder to apologist for the worst Arab tendencies. “It is imperative,” Carter writes, “that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel.” In the meantime, presumably, the slaughter of Jews can continue.

Israel can’t be so blithe about the murder of its citizens, which is why it built the security fence. Carter calls it an “imprisonment wall,” but it has been effective in preventing Palestinian terrorists from blowing people to bits — the kind of attacks Carter characterizes as “(unfortunate) for the peace process.” Twice recently, Israel has vacated occupied land, in Southern Lebanon and Gaza, only to see attacks against it launched from those same territories. But Carter always finds a way to point a finger at Israel…


I was trying to decide who is America’s leading anti-Semite, genial Jimmy Carter or wise James "F*** the Jews" Baker. Both men seem to have had a resurgence in popularity with the MSM recently…a worrying portent of things to come???


By ATWadmin On December 13th, 2006 at 7:07 am

burdenSWNS121206_228x330.jpgI was disgusted to read that two elderly spinster sisters face the agony of selling the home they have shared for 40 years when one of them dies – after judges ruled they are not entitled to the same rights as gay and lesbian couples.

Joyce and Sybil Burden, who have lived together all their lives, argued they should be spared inheritance tax in the same way as married couples, or homosexuals who form a civil partnership. But yesterday the oxymoronic European Court of Human Rights threw out their case, by a 4-3 verdict, landing them with a £10,000 legal bill and facing certain future heartbreak.

Here we see the true menace of so-called "Equality legislation" framed by the homosexual lobby and embraced by the liberal intelligentsia. It seems whilst the all people are equal, but gay and lesbians are more equal than others.

Maybe these two sisters should claim to be Lesbians in order not to lose their home when one passes away????