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By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 1:12 pm

mars2.jpg"Is there life on Mars?", David Bowie once asked.

Well, IF there is, taxation is coming it’s way. Why? Well, have you read that there are further signs of global climate change…on the Red Planet? My thanks to my friends over at Maggie’s Farm for sending me the details here.  (Thanks Bird-Dog)

How long before the political class advise us that the only way to stop increased C02 emissions on Mars is……..for us to pay more taxes? And if you think that lacks a certain credibility, it makes as much sense to me as the current pathetic attempts by our political elite to crank up the taxation they steal from us in the name of Earthly "global warming"! And who is causing rising C02 levels in the Martian atmosphere? Little Green men?????

UPDATE FOR GLOBAL WARMING CULTISTS; – No less a source than Nasa states that…"If both Mars and Earth are experiencing global warming, then perhaps there is a larger phenomenon going on in the Solar System that is causing their global climates to change."  Whoops – don’t tell that nice Mr Stern..

Hasta La Posta, Baby!

By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 12:54 pm

When my grandmother had both her knees replaced a a couple of years ago, I offered to collect her pension from the nearest Post Office.  During the eight weeks I did so, I ended up making a two-mile round trip instead of walking a mere 50 yards to the nearest outlet.  Why?  Because my local Post Office closed during that period when the first devastating round of closures began to bite.  Today, my grandmother, though only six months from her 90th birthday, insists on collecting the pension herself.  She has the same problem.  At one time her local PO was a three-minute walk.  Now she has to get the bus each week.  Still, she’s only old; paid her taxes all her life; and worked in the munitions factories during the war.  Why should anyone give a cobbler’s about her when there are so many infinitely more noble causes to support – such as ensuring that asylum seekers have immediate access to everything the moment these freeloaders are granted permission to remain?

My example is just one of, I suspect, many thousands.  How many of the elderly or infirm now suffer because they have difficulty getting to their local PO?  When the next round of swingeing cuts begin, there will be thousands – not only of the elderly, but also people in remote communities – who will have to travel tens of miles just to post a letter or make a bill payment.  Is there something about country dwellers this government detests?  It destroyed much of their livelihoods through its bungling incompetence over foot and mouth;  It has taken away the centuries-old necessity of keeping certain animals in check by hunting; at this moment it is actively seeking the cause mass inconvenience by denuding their areas of essential postal services.

Royal Mail is a government-owned enterprise.  The government has the responsibility to protect the interests of people who rely on what was once the best postal service in the world. 


By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

I was pleased to read the thoughts of my former esteemed colleague Conor Cruise O’Brien on the work of the fabulous Baker boys….

The Iraq Study Group’s report, released to the newspapers on Wednesday, is a rather bizarre document. 

According to the Irish Times: "A high-level bipartisan group has called for the withdrawal of all US combat forces from Iraq by early 2008 and the immediate launch of a diplomatic offensive that would involve Syria and Iran in securing Iraq’s future.


The Iraq Study Group Report also calls for a renewed and sustained US engagement in resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict leading to the return of the Golan Heights to Syria and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State. It calls for direct talks with Iran and Syria, even if Iran fails to halt its uranium enrichment programme and says Israel should return the Golan Heights to Syria as part of a Middle East peace settlement."


George Bush said he would take "very seriously" its proposals, but he stopped short of embracing them. Israel has not commented on them, but I have no doubt that its reaction will be totally negative, though delivered politely out of concern for Bush. Israel is no doubt alarmed by the anti-Israel stand of the proposals and particularly by the appeals to Syria and Iran and the proposed concessions to those countries, even if Iran continues to develop its nuclear capacity.

Israel’s overriding commitment is with the Pentagon, which for many years now has seen the country as the only thoroughly reliable ally that the US has in the Middle East. Other countries in that region bargain with the US for their own economic and technical advantage. But they do so while trying to bypass Israel. Israel’s primary concern in the region at present is Iran’s progress towards acquiring nuclear weapons. They know that if, or when, Iran does acquire nuclear weapons they will be used first against Israel. On that matter, Israel and the Pentagon have a common interest, and are always preparing for the day when they may have to attack Iran.




By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 10:46 am

parkingspace091206_228x193.jpgI see that the Labour Government plans to take additional tax from millions of householders face for the heinous crime of….parking their cars outside their homes. Shadow Local Government Minister Caroline Spelman has claimed officials have been ordered to include the value of street parking in a national review of council tax bands.

I’m sure she is right. The Socialists in power are obsessed about taxing us until the pips squeak. They also hate the idea of people having the freedom to use their own form of transport, hence the all out onslaught on motorists.  So from here on in you’ll pay for the space you use to park your car. 

‘An earnest hope, desire or entreaty’

By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 9:28 am

rowan williams.jpegThe solidity of the world-wide Anglican Communion is in doubt, so we are told! With leaders like that, who can profess to be surprised! But the possibility of a schism grows ever nearer with communities such as these two, planning a vote on whether to leave the American bunch, and set up house with the Nigerians. Now the whole hoo-haahh was started by this guy here being consecrated as a bishop, despite being an open homosexual. Many Americans still regard homosexual acts as a sin, and in complete defiance to the will of their Creator, so they get kind of teee’d off when some guy who is living with another guy gets placed in a position of considerable moral authority in their Church. So they decide to have a vote on whether they should move out of the fold, as it were, and cuddle up alongside the Nigerian Archbishop who wants openly-homosexual people to end up in jail. This is perhaps one step back from the Nigerian Muslims, who demand the death penalty for homosexuals; and while many think that’s perhaps a little harsh, they also think that Archbishop Peter J. Akinola takes this stance in order to keep being friendly with the Muslims!

In Great Britain, we adopt a slightly lower level of care towards the shepherds of our various flocks, ‘care’ as in ‘who gives a damn?’, rather than ‘who will care for the sinner?’, which is what it seems to have been about in the first place. There are, however, ominous signs and portents that the homosexual cause is gaining ground, with the first record of a Civil Partnership in The Archers. However, just in case you worry about such tidings, check out this, as a possible antidote!

Aren’t you glad that you live in a society where we have true religious freedom, with this guy soon to be in the top slot on one side along with his wife, who is a definite advert for the wearing of the muslim veil, and that guy in the top slot on one of the others!


Talking Point – 10.12.06

By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 8:44 am

‘The violent behaviour of the Cliftonville fans in micro accurately portrays the mindset of Ulster’s separatist community in macro.’  Discuss.

On This Day…10.12

By ATWadmin On December 10th, 2006 at 8:34 am

1520 – Martin Luther publicly burns the Papal Bull which announces his excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.

1868 – London’s first set of traffic lights are installed in Westminster – helping Members of Parliament reaching the House of Commons.

1898 – Signing of Treaty of Paris between United States of America and Spain ends the Spanish-American War. Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines are ceded to the United States for $20 million.

1948 – United Nations General Assembly adopts the Convention of Genocide and Human Rights.

1977 – The inaugural flight of the world’s first supersonic airliner – Concorde – from London to Singapore.

1990 – Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein refuses international calls for him to withdraw his troops from Kuwait.


By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006 at 9:06 pm

Here’s a classic song – bittersweet, majestic and what an ascending finale it has. It’s got an anthemic quality to it , so memorable with those trademark piano flourishes. And didn’t Agnetha look so cool? Rarely has misery sounded SO good!  


By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006 at 8:41 pm

795151-584270-thumbnail.jpgDid you read that binmen have been banned from wearing Santa hats — on health grounds? The refuse collectors in Kingston upon Hull have worn the traditional red hats for years. Now city council scrooges say “it does not create a professional impression of the council. Further, there can be health and safety implications should hats get in the way of dangerous machinery operation.” 

I attach an image of the Council spokesman, in official approved Council attire, for your edification.


By ATWadmin On December 9th, 2006 at 7:39 pm

OK all you intellects out there. Aileen has once again come up with a challenge for you, this Saturday evening! Can YOU work it out?
You are off in your travels in the land of living saints and sinners, where saints only tell the truth and sinners only lies and mixers who tell the truth and lie alternately. This time you are walking to a destination, and have to pass through Talking Town. As is common with these problems, you see a fork in the road, and inquire about which way leads to Truth Town. Four people around give you advice, but you don’t know their veracity or their gender. You gather from their conversation that all four are either saints or sinners, and there is exactly one girl in the group.

The four natives make the following statements

A: Take the left fork to get to Truth Town.

B: All sinners are girls.

C: All saints are girls.

D: All people who begin their statements with "All" are either all saints or all sinners.

Just from these four statements, can you see whether the left or right fork leads to Truth Town (one and only one does)? (Also: Which one is the girl?)

Additional note the "alls" relate to the group of four and the four statements. Show your reasoning.
If I challenge your reasoning I may not be disagreeing so much as making sure that I follow you or that you have made a lucky stab in the dark!