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By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 3:38 pm

earyh.jpgHave a read of this. It appears that CONTRARY to the Global Warming end of the world is nigh evangelical predictions, sea-levels are destined to FALL!

Why? Because the Antarctic ice-shelf is thickening – based on the the most recent decade of pertinent real-world data! But which of us shall break this devastating news to the Rev Al Gore?

Bye, Bye Black Sheep

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 3:26 pm

Possibly the best news I’ve heard all day.  The walking black pudding (now there’s an ironic description!), Aishah Azmi, has been sacked by the school where she refused to remove that ridiculous handkerchief wrapped around her mush.  Although found by a court not to have been discriminated against after being suspended for looking a complete prat, the judge nevertheless awarded £1,100 for ‘injury to feelings’ (remind me again how much the lady in battle with British Airways has been awarded to-date).

Kirklees is my adjacent council.  Thus, it will be interesting to note what effects this very sensible ruling has on Muslims across West Yorkshire.  Doubtless there will be the usual cries of ‘oppression’ we hear from minorities – be they followers of Slab Murphy or Allah – every time the British State refuses to bend the knee to their every demand.  For me, I believe expelling here from her job is only a half-way measure.  As she clearly has cultural leanings so far removed from what the bulk of people here find acceptable, she should be expelled from the country, also.  Azmi evidently has a great love for extreme Muslim traditions.  Let her start a new life in an extreme Muslim country!!!


By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 3:26 pm

Here’s a great song from a much ignored but truly excellent British singer-songwriter. I’ve been a fan of Graham Parker for decades, have seen him live in concert in Londno, and admire his adroit skill with words. Popular success has evaded him but his writing is powerful, touching and always worth a listen..


By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 1:04 pm

Interesting to read David Cameron has confirmed that there has been a "big change" in the way the Conservatives think about poverty. In a speech to mark 25 years since the Scarman Report into the Brixton riots, the Tory leader argued poverty is not only "absolute" but "relative". It was not just "material deprivation," but the fact that some people "lacked things others took for granted".

This is the essence of socialism – ENVY! Cameron seeks to embrace the leftist analysis of "poverty" and in doing so once again confirms that his Party is no loner Conservative but drippingly wet liberal. There is no such thing as poverty in this country but by redefining it as "relative" and thus establishing a benchmark that continually adjusts regardless of absolute income/welfare benefits, the Poverty Industry goes from strength to strength….

Feeney Watch – 24.11.06

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 12:47 pm

It’s a while since I tackled the most poisoned pen in insurrectionist politics.  So, for the benefit of our regulars, I’ve decided to take Bigoted Bri to task once more.  His latest submission to the Irish News contains the traditional nonsense (such as it is) that emanates from his mind (such as IT is!).  He begins by describing the notion that the only thing important in ‘Irish’? (British-Ulster) politics in the support of the rule of law by a terrorist organisation.

I have news for him.  It is the only important factor.  Power sharing (as it exists in other parts of the world) commits the parties to respect the integrity of the state.  That’s why it has worked.  The reason it will never work in Ulster is that two, not one, parties committed to the abolition of the UK as we know it demand a free run to do just that; in addition to wanting control of law-enforcement agents to assist them in that endeavour.

‘Ownership’ of a country is determined by two overriding criteria:

  1. The numerical majority of the largest single group therein.
  2. Adherence to the fundamental principles of respect for the predominant cultural and social ethos of the territory.

On the first principle, Unionists have no competition.  They provide one part of the jigsaw that gives the Union constitutional and legal legitimacy.  On the second, Unionism reflects socio-political reality: namely that the territory of what is now Northern Ireland has been part of the United Kingdom for over 200 years, and culturally tied to the British mainland for far longer.  Nationalists have no equivalent.  Ireland has never been a united, independent entity; most of the cultural shibboleths which underpin Irish separatism are based on the falsehood of an ancient Irish nation; the use of those shibboleths is not to create an Irish identity comfortable with the territorial status quo (as is the case with the Irish who reside in Great Britain), it is to progressively destroy and usurp the constitutional, cultural and political expression of the majority British population.  That is why nationalism must never have ‘ownership’ of Northern Ireland until it undertakes a total re-think of its aims and aspirations.

What is particularly ironic about BB and his opinion on the validities of Sinn Fein, is that today convicted killer, Michael Stone, attempted to disrupt the first sitting of the reconsituted farce that is powersharing.  Incidentally, Stone has committed many crimes in his past.  He killed a number of IRA supporters at a funeral and has also done some crimes worth losing sleep over – such as supporting the Belfast Agreement.  Following his shenanigans today, Stormont has been cordoned off and labelled a ‘crime scene’.  The truth is it has been a crime scene since Sinn Fein and the PUP were allowed to sit in its chambers eight years ago.

On This Day…24.11

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 12:40 pm

1859 – The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, a groundbreaking scientific work by British naturalist Charles Darwin, is published in England.  Darwin’s theory argued that organisms gradually evolve through a process he called natural selection.

1867 – Joseph Glidden patents barbed wire.

1963 – Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of the assassination of US President John F Kennedy, is shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby while being transferred from Dallas Police Headquarters in Texas.

1965 – The UK government imposes an experimental 70mph speed limit on motorways.

1985 – Egyptain commandos storm a hi-jacked aircraft in Malta – at least 40 passengers are killed.

1991 – Lead singer of legendary group Queen, Freddie Mercury, dies from AIDS at the age of 45.


By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 12:26 pm

stormont_alert203.jpgLOL! This one takes the biscuit! The political proceedings at Stormont were disrupted today when a convicted mass murdering terrorist – Michael Stone – attempted to enter the Chamber carrying a bag with him. He was arrested by the Security guards at the main door – getting himself caught in the revolving doors!!!

The purpose of ths discussion taking place in the Chamber was to find a way to allow terrorist apologists to gain political office. The IRONY of this being stopped by ANOTHER terrorist entering the premises is sublime. What a political sewer.

“….. a quarrel in a far-away country….”

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 11:06 am

We went into Iraq to rid the world of a brutal dictator.

We went into Iraq to help a subjugated People achieve Democracy

Change the nation’s name to another, but less well-trumpeted, and see what you get!

We went into Iraq Zimbabwe to rid the world of a brutal dictator.

We went into Iraq Zimbabwe to help a subjugated People achieve Democracy

Whgen you read the pages linked here, and here, and here, and here, lastly, here; perhaps you too will be asking why we haven’t done anything other, in governmental terms, than raise a distressed Foreign Office eyebrow, and close the curtains so as to block out the view!

We helped set this bunch of cut-throats up, we set the lottery balls rolling which ended up with friend Mugabe holding the Jackpot, and the citizens of Zimbabwe buying all the tickets! While the British-brokered all-party talks at Lancaster House in London was said to lead to a peace agreement and new constitution, it is not commonly known that the hotel accomodation and rooms provided for the Smith and Muzorewa delegations, along with the sectors of Lancaster House reserved for those two delegations were routinely bugged, and the results of their private negotiations delivered straight to Mugabe’s bunch! I know this, because I talked to the blokes who set the wiring up!

So as we sow, so also should we reap; and this time in a worthy cause! The so-called ‘Commonwealth‘ is useless; M’Beki and South Africa won’t budge, they’re after all intent on doing the same to their citizens as Mugabe has to his own, so it should be us, the self-imposed Keepers of the Flame of Democracy, but we won’t; because we can’t! A down-sized military, struggling to keep to the tasks it’s been given in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Kosovo and Bosnia; along with a hide-bound Europe-gazing civil service, and a set of politicians who couldn’t collectively pull the skin off a rice pudding, never mind stand up to a really nasty piece of work whom we ourselves created!

what you dont see

By ATWadmin On November 24th, 2006 at 10:43 am


U.S. Army Capt. Cindy McPherson examines an Iraqi boy’s ears during a medical and humanitarian mission in Baghdad, Iraq, on Nov. 9, 2006. McPherson is a physician’s assistant with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team. DoD photo by Master Sgt. Mike Buytas, U.S. Air Force




45142636.jpgA British sergeant of the 1st Battalion, The Black Watch, shares his Tamoshanta with Ali, one of the local children from the town of Azubayr, during a soft patrol of the town.





Nov. 7, 2006. Iraqi citizens offer beverages to U.S. Army Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas, in Kanan, Iraq.





Col. Adil, chief of Maghdad, Iraq, police department, and U.S. Army Soldiers of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division pass out backpacks full of food, water, and school supplies to students at the primary elementary school in Musqed al agsa, Maghdad, Iraq, Nov. 2, 2006.




Earlier this year there had been high rain fall, causing flooding in the town of Safwan near the Kuwait border. The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards were quickly on the scene to help. The unit supplied boxes of water and the town Mayor helped in the middle of the night to stock the town hall in preparation. The casualty had been pulled from a collapsed building, caused by the heavy rainfall. He is put in the back of a military vehicle and taken to British hospital for treatment.



May 2006. An officer from HQ 16 Air Assault Brigade, shows the very eager welcoming children of a small village, pictures he had just taken of them. Provisional Reconstruction team (PRT) patrol to the south of Lashkar Gar in order to discuss various matters with members of the village. This image was taken during Operation Herrick IV, the UK’s deployment into Helmand Province of Southern Afghanistan.



Operation Herrick IV saw the development of the Helmand Task Force in the province, which saw the cross Governmental Provincial Reconstruction Team set up in Lashkar Gar, to help the Afghan Government build strong governmental institutions, security and create jobs. The Task Force was made up of 3300 troops from the British Military, with the majority being taken from 16 Air Assault Brigade.

45145205.jpgWomen in Al Hillah, Babel Province show inked fingers, to stop people voting twice, during the vote for the ratification of the new Iraqi Constitution. A truly momentous day for their country and one which should not be undermined. 

There are hundreds of these images.

Smiling Iraqis happy to see the allied forces, talented individuals offering hope and supplying stability and small steps of progress. You never get to see any of them in the press. 

Why? Because it is not the people in these photos that want Iraq to fail or thumb their noses at it. 

No I dont view this through rose tinted spectacles.  Its obvious that there is a tenuous grip on hope. But equally living under a torturous regime was not an option. And it is disingenius to suggest that the regime as it was, would not have continued as it was. Or to think that at any point in its history Iraq would not have struggled to rid itself of that regime. To rid itself of that regime would never ever have been easy or less bloody and violent.  However such as it is, it has a chance at democracy – very much welcomed by its people and a process which should be very much welcomed and supported by all of us. You would think. Undermining it at every opportunity, undermining the efforts of the people there, both struggling Iraqis and committed allied forces assisting them, should not be an option either. Why do we consistently give succour to those people who seek to so murderously wreck this? Why do we help drive them onwards? Are we so wrapped up in our own political agendas that we would consciously will failure?


By ATWadmin On November 23rd, 2006 at 11:26 pm

Remember when Jimmy Carter, America’s worst ever President in living memory, told us to "give Hamas a  chance?" 

Well,  comes the news that Palestinian grandmother has blown herself up in the Gaza Strip, lightly wounding three Israeli soldiers, in the first suicide attack claimed by Hamas in almost two years. The mother of nine and grandmother of 41 became the oldest Palestinian suicide bomber at the age of 57, selecting as her target troops operating near her northern Gaza home in Jabaliya, seeking to curb near-daily rocket attacks on Israel.

Give these people a State? Bet your bottom dollar that this psychotic behaviour will be flannelled away by a Jew-hating media.