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Destroying Britain green and pleasant land in the name of the environment is a great wheeze but not without some complexity even for the architects behind such vandalism.

“Britain’s environmental movement was yesterday presented with its starkest choice yet: whether or not to support the world’s largest-ever renewable energy project which will result in unprecedented ecological damage to one of our most important natural habitats.

The giant £20bn Severn barrage, which would stretch 10 miles from Lavernock Point near Cardiff to Brean Down near Weston-super-Mare, would harness the tides to generate up to 5 per cent of the UK’s electricity needs – the equivalent of eight typical coal-fired power stations. This is crucially important in the fight against climate change.

But environmentalists fear that by blocking the Severn estuary completely, the barrage would destroy vast areas of mudflats and mashes, which are vital feeding grounds for tens of thousands of wading birds, and prevent migratory fish such as salmon and eels from ascending rivers to spawn. Other environmentalists think such a large project would divert resources away from other key renewable technologies such as wind power.

Yesterday the barrage appeared on a shortlist of five renewable energy schemes for the Severn estuary indicating that the project, which the Government is known to favour, is moving closer to formal acceptance. The shortlist will now be the subject of a public consultation and a final decision will be taken by 2010.”

Just a few questions here.

1. Is it ONLY environmentalists who get a say in this? Don’t the people living in and around the area have a right to have their voice listened to? Why is it that only the activists opinion counts?

2. Does defacing such a wonderful natural environment not cause a little hesitation in even the most fanatical greenie?

3. Since the cost of this lunatic scheme massively outweights any benefit, why is this even being considered? Hasn’t the government more pressing financial priorities?

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2 thoughts on “A BARAGE OF CRITICISM…

  1. The whole idea of the Severn Barrage is that it does not block the Severn Estuary. For the whole project to be viable requires water to flow through the Barrage in order to turn the turbines housed in the structure. It is not a dam. As water will be flowing through the barrage it follows that the mudflats further up the Estuary will be covered at high tide and exposed at low tide. The tidal range in the Severn Estuary is the second highest in the world. Harnessing tidal power is, unlike building useless windmills, is a sensible means of obtaining a reliable energy source. It will also assist in improving transport links between South Wales and the South West of England.

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