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So Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend. How does the rhyme go? Oh yes:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, plus a no-fly zone, sniffer dogs, the secret service all over town and more overtime than the police ever dreamed of.

Just the ticket for “America’s royal wedding”. If you’re thinking it’ll cost a few bob you’d be right.

ABC News estimates the total cost for the affair could reach $2 million, and other reports say that it could cost as much as $5 million. The flowers alone could cost $250,000.

Goodness, Bill is stuck with a bill, eh? How will a poor boy who grew up to become a humble public servant pay for it all? Give it a Greek theme? Oh that’s right, he’s staggeringly rich. Since the American people didn’t choose to shower him with cash we can wonder at the services rendered and for whom.

Anyway, it’s just as well the security’s as tight as a new boot. An awful lot of celebs and Tremendously Important People will be in town for the gig. I hope Americans remember it’s their patriotic duty to fork out the $millions instead of balking at paying for protection for some of the planet’s richest people. Well it is, isn’t it? They should sit back in gratitude, enjoy the show and have a weekend off from worrying about where the next paycheck’s coming from.

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  1. Good luck to Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. May they have a long and happy life together.

  2. (I can see where this thread’s gonna go …)

    Henry94 – yes, absolutely, I completely agree.

  3. Well LU, if you are the one who put it there, it’s only right that you should remove it.. 🙂

  4. Rich daughter of very rich ex-president of the USA has expensive wedding with lots of security….shock horror!

  5. 400 guests….

    Barack Obama not invited hmm

    Al Gore not invited either…..

  6. Good luck to the happy couple.

    Only the most miserable curmudgeon would attack her wedding because of her parents.

  7. Tail-end Charlie for ‘progressive’ politics in the West receives carte blanche from his corporate owners, flames it up with a plump jewish princess, bombs a Third-World country to run interference on media coverage of the latter….and we’re supposed to celebrate the marriage of…

  8. Indeed so, Peter.

    In fact I do suggest that America’s poor ought to be grateful that they can pay for the protection of America’s zillionaire ruling class.

    It’s only right that they should do so, yes?

  9. Peter –

    It’s an assumption of decency. If my bride’s wedding had a multi-million pound taxpayer subsidy while her incredibly rich father gave her away I’d hope she would feel a little shame at least about it.

    Of course, if you think Joe Shmoe ought to cough up for the protection of some of America’s richest people then just say so.

  10. Playing devil’s advocate here Pete. But arent ex-presidents of the USA afforded a security detail for life? And given that his daughter’s wedding might attract some attention, would that not justify some level of tax dollar funded security?

    Personally, I’d beat the lot of them with the heel of my shoe given the chance, but dont post faux outrage at something so blatantly ‘normal’.

  11. Phil Free –

    Yes, it is difficult for the masses to touch the hem of ex-presidents, but it wasn’t always so. It’s part of the theatre necessary to create a quasi-religious cult around the presidency. There was a time when presidents were mere equal citizens with few indulgencies.

    Now, of course, they are "the leader of the free world" and "the most powerful man in the world". Those monikers are reason enough to abolish what has become an absurd post. So we have all this silliness about a magic briefcase never leaving his side, air Force One and an entourage that would make most potentates blush. As I said, it’s theatre. When we say the federal government, what we really mean is the presidency. When we say, national priorities, we really mean what the presidency wants. When we say national culture, we mean what the presidency funds and imposes.

    Devotion elevated to such creepy levels, is it any wonder the royal offspring’s wedding might attract a bit of attention? Take the presidency back to what it was meant to be and no one would look.

    But here we are.

    How instructive that a gathering of some of the richest clans in the land brings no mention of the cost or that private Americans will have their property plundered to keep them away so the elite can enjoy themselves in a sterile zone. Come on, a no-fly zone? Please, this is too absurd.

    Socialists and liberals were once apparently in favour of doing away with special treatment. I suppose not.

  12. Pete Moore: "Socialists and liberals were once apparently in favour of doing away with special treatment."

    It is amusing to see them wriggling like mad to avoid criticizing the new feudalism. I suppose Clinton represents their feudalism so that makes it OK.

  13. Concidering what Slick Willie paid for Chelsea’s plastic surgery $5-million for the wedding is a bargin basement price!

  14. The current disproportionate, exorbitant wealth of a hick lawyer like Clinton is payment rendered for putting the final nail iin the coffin of New Deal/Great Society progressivism in the United States. Same in G.B. with regard to Labourism with the Pernicious Imp Blair.

    It’s to Ireland’s eternal shame and continuing embarassment that rather thaqn sorting our difficulties out ourselves we were flattered to receive the ‘problem-solving’ attentions of two negligible flibbertigibbets such as Clinton and his little pathic Blair.

    Given either of them have so little other than that ‘positive’ in their respective account it looks like we’re responsible for having launched the obnoxious duo on their lucrative adventure…inflicted the toxic twosome on an unsuspecting world.

  15. Just to agree with Alexander Bowman’s posts. Bill now has the William J Clinton ‘Foundation’ – a tax-evading scheme by which really rich people act as ‘philanthropists’. Such schemes ensure that a huge part of the US economy remains untaxed as "taxes are for the little people".

  16. Allan

    I think Pete Moore would approve of any tax-evading scheme – even one perpetrated by the hated Bubba Bill.

    Eh Pete?

  17. Eh indeed, Peter.

    I applaud all measures taken to keep the state from looting private wealth.

  18. Private wealth, Pete Moore? The wealth that the likes of Clinton accrue is what has been looted by the banking shysters from ordinary people. Alexander Bowman above is absolutely correct.
    Note that the IRS was set up to tax ordinary Americans so as to pay the debt that the US government had to pay to the Federal Reserve – owned by the banking cartel.

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