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Renowned Scottish windbag and SNP Leader Alex Salmond  has called the current United Kingdom a “nonsense” that will cease to exist in 2014 despite opinion polls showing falling support for Scottish separation.

Delivering his welcome address to delegates at the SNP conference in Perth, the First Minister said Scotland is closer now to independence than at any time since the Union with England in 1707. He said the referendum deal he and David Cameron signed earlier this week was a “momentous, historic document” that contained a promise by the UK Government to respect the result of the vote in autumn 2014. Despite opinion polls showing support for separation has fallen to around 30 per cent, he claimed not to be disheartened because the SNP has previously defied the electoral odds to win power and then a majority at the Scottish Parliament.

Yes, dream on, Salmond. The reality is that Scottish people will vote with their WALLETS and that means sticking with the rest of the UK. Scottish separation is as much of a nonsense now as it was in 1707.   The idea that Scotland could afford independence is a further nonsense.  Like Irish Nationalism, Scottish Nationalism is self deluded.

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  1. It’s all about posing and posturing. The reason why Cameron has given the go-ahead for this referendum about the possible transfer of town council powers is that Salmond has given all assurances that the powers that the EU has over the UK will not be challenged. Indeed, I’d reckon that Salmond would like to take Scotland into the Euro. What a patriot!

  2. The reality is that Scottish people will vote with their WALLETS and that means sticking with the rest of the UK.

    I suppose that’s why people on social welfare and in the public service tend to vote Labour. It is a shame that such a nation as Scotland has had the enterprise sucked out of it by a political and monetary union which is run for the benefit of the City of London while keeping everywhere else on the narcotic of welfare. It’s not much of a union.

    Having said that if the alternative for Scotland is membership of the EU then that’s worse. Policies are still set for the benefit of somewhere else but there is a lot less give on the welfare side.

    If Scotland votes to stay in the union just for the money then perhaps we should all in these islands sit down and see if we can up with a new kind of relationship as an alternative to the EU. Any takers?

  3. I am not really anti Scots. My most favourite cousin is a proud Scot. It’s the arrogant Scots I struggle with, but having said that I struggle with arrogant people full stop.
    Alex Salmond is a clever dude. A Scots version of Shrek, he has done well in promoting the aims of his party, but not necessarily those of Scotland.
    The English, being the most numerous, most economically powerful and influential, and pragmatic! * of the countries of the British Isles have accepted into all walks of life representatives from Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and of course Scotland. ALL of us have benefitted from this arrangement.
    Most sensible people want this arrangement to continue to our mutual benefit.
    Scotland cannot make it on her own. England, Wales and Northern Ireland can.
    Alex Salmond’s vision for Scotland if realised, will turn to ashes in their mouths. Alex Salmond won’t need to travel South to experience his William Wallace moment…

  4. *by which I mean that we English have been able to move on and leave behind the arguments and grievances of yesteryear….

  5. don’t care if the Sctos cannot manage on their own. As an English taxpayer I just want to see the back of the Hibernian scroungers once and for all. Be off with ye!

  6. Dogis,
    So unkind and out of character!
    The Scots gave us pneumatic tyres, whi-hic!-sky, porridge, Kidnapped! Runners Up Rugby, and Andy Murray..
    That’s no’ bad for a wee bunch of people wearing skirts and living off coo’s innards… 🙂

  7. Yeah but what have the Romans er Scots done for us lately?

    Wee Hibernian Benefit scroungers who refuse to pay their own way. Barnett just adds insult to injury.
    Away with ye!

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