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Cam I just say that I completely support those 30 grammar schools in Northern Ireland that have defied strong warnings from IRA/Sinn Fein Education Minister Caitriona Ruane to announce that they will use a common entrance test to select pupils after the 11-plus examination is scrapped.

Ruane is insistent that there will be NO academic based selection in academia but these schools think otherwise and despite her empty-headed bluster they look determined to do what is necessary to ensure high standards are maintained. It’s so daft for Ruane to pretend that academic selection is not necessary – it is essential! Life is all about the simple fact that some will progress more than others in given areas and this radical egalitarian espoused by IRA/Sinn Fein (and the SDLP) is just a denial of simple reality. She drones on about equality and other such gibberish carefully crafted soundbites but the FACT is that without academic-based  selection there can be no academic based schools. That, of course, is precisely the point for Ruane and her ilk as they seek the ruanation of our schools and the destruction of the Grammar School system.

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  1. Grammar schools can provide an escape route for academically able children from what are nowadays called "deprived" backgrounds.

    No matter how much egalitarians desire it, there can be no equality of outcome in any human activity in which innate abilities are crucial to success.

  2. Glad to see my old school in that list.

    If we don’t properly educate the smart people, we will cease to advance.

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