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I usually listen to the ‘Sports’ broadcast clips on the BBC Today programme with half-an-ear, as what they talk/discuss/interminably bore about is of no concern to me; but this morning was an exception. I found myself listening with rising rage and anger at the ‘I’m just an honest Yorkshireman’s’ tones of Geoffrey Boycott, as he was once again putting his expertise on show. The interviewer was reporting that Michael Yardy was returning home due to ‘depression’, and the bluff flat-toned comment from Boycott was that, ‘Well, I don’t know about depression, but if he can’t handle it, he shouldn’t be there in the first place’!

Well, folks, I do know just a little about the effects of mental illnesses, and I find the cricketing buffoon’s comments both insulting and deeply insensitive to the millions of people who have suffered, are suffering and will suffer from these crippling illnesses in the future!

Geoff Boycott has built himself something of a reputation for so-called ‘plain speaking’, and I for one would expect a plain and honest apology for the stupid and terminally silly remarks made about a sportsman who has been absolutely honest with himself, his team and the sporting public. If, that is, the ‘Bluff Yorkshireman’ can find it in himself to admit that he made a huge mistake in dismissing the actions of a man suffering from ‘depression’ in that cavalier manner!


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9 thoughts on “A dim Red Rose man.

  1. Boycott is an egotist of the first water. Invariably brings conversation back to his favourite subject – himself – now, what was your question again?

    The Economist summed him up brilliantly a few years back when alluding to his often inadequate-for-the-circumstances scoring rate. “…..too many occasions when England needed runs quickly, but Boycott G just wanted runs”.

  2. Well said Mike, Boycott is old school, bigoted and ignorant.

    Harry Enfield did a great skit some years ago aimed at such Yorkshirism, anyone remember George ‘Integrity’ Whitebread, he says what he likes and likes what he bloody well says?

    I say fair play to these high profile sportsmen/women who do allow their mental health issues to be known because in doing so they promote a greater understanding of such illnesses.

  3. Seems like the Economist has him about right. Ian Botham couldn;t always be around to run Boycott our deliberately as in New Zealand.

    Boycott does talk sense about cricket, but a man has to know his limitations.

  4. Who here are cricket fans?

    Most of my business cronies in London are not much for it, with a few notable exceptions.

  5. Michael,
    I listened to that interview on 5Live.
    I think to be fair that Boycott realised he had made a blunder, and tried to correct it by saying that he personally had no experience of depression; so couldn’t really comment.
    He did apologise in a cack handed way, but he’s an older man and his experience and ego stopped him doing it properly.
    I hope he had the grace to contact Mike Yardy privately to apologise.
    Depression is a horrible affliction, I hope Mr. Yardy recovers.

  6. My brother loves it, indoctrinated in the catholic public school tradition. However I went to a comprehensive and cricket bores me.

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