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Wonder will Jay Leno be at the Saint Patrick’s celebrations in Gotham next March?

US chat show star Jay Leno has dubbed Taoiseach Brian Cowen a “drunken moron”.

The Tonight Show host made the comments after he showed his Tonight Show audience a photograph of Cowen. He told the crowd that the man in the picture was not a bartender, but “the Prime Minister of Ireland” to uproarious applause. Leno showed the dishevelled-looking Mr Cowen, asking the question: “Looking at that guy. How many think he is a bartender?”

He then asked if the audience thought he was a “nightclub comedian” or a “politician” – before revealing he was the “Prime Minister of Ireland” to loud applause and laughter. “He’s Brian Cowen, the Prime Minister of Ireland. Oh God, it’s so nice to know we’re not the only country with drunken morons, isn’t it?” the star said.

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10 thoughts on “A DRUNKEN MORON?

  1. As i said – this clown played into every negative stereotype laid down over the centuries. He has hurt the image of the country.

    A PM is supposed to act with at least some personal dignity,

  2. How funny. But perhaps more so that most of the audience could not have named the Irish "prime-minister" or pinpointed Ireland on a map of the world.

    There is no monopoly of moronhood, but if there was Leno could probably look closer to home.

  3. Cowen's antics come at the worst possible time and play right into an easy stereotype. He should join AA.

  4. FFS. A few shandies and a bit of a laugh with a couple of staffers at his Party Conference and he's a drunken moron? Wise up. I'd much prefer a Prime Minister who is normal, to some Gucci-suited PR robot.

  5. Could you imagine Merkel or Putin or Obama doing this?

    The Taoiseach of a country simply should not behave this way in public. Not within a mile of a radio mike or camera lens especially.

    The minute he assumes that office he no longer represents just himself, or just his party. He's not the President, but he's not just another fellow in the pub either.

  6. Yez gave Boris O'Yeltsin a lot of scope for his drunken antics, not to mention shenanigans, when he was of some small use to your larger (I could laugh) geopolitical intentions…

  7. "US chat show star Jay Leno has dubbed Taoiseach Brian Cowen a "drunken moron". "

    Just being a 'moron' should see him through, to a rather comfortable seat, at the big EU tent.

    Being drunk, just makes him, an even bigger ' usefull idiot ' !

    I bet Brian Cowen, becomes a millionare, before the likes of you and i?

    Brian Cowen, is just an Irish version, of Neil Kinnock … another EU 'usefull idiot'

  8. Could you imagine Merkel or Putin or Obama doing this?

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 07:16PM | The Phantom

    Not in public .. no !

    Drunk on alcohol, or drunk, on power … end result remains the same.

    Its still a 'headache' for the rest of us.

  9. Biffo is typical of the party hearty culture.

    The Dáil (Irish Parliament) just returned to session after a TWELVE week summer holiday. As it is they sit 3-days a week, Ministers get chauffer driven (Armed Garda, police) Mercedes for State & private use. The ministers get paid well in excess of €150,000 and BIFFO himself makes more governing (hand-in-cheek) a country with a population of 4.2 million than President Obama (300,000 million). Go ahead google these stats.

    The whole Brigadoon Balliwick is one big bamboozle led by BIFFO…. a Big Ignorant Fat F**K from Offaly!

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