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Here we go, it’s a wet and windy night – and that’s inside! So here is a little vlog for your edification!

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45 thoughts on “A FRIDAY VLOG

  1. I missed the programme, but it’s strange that Giuliani didn’t get a mention. He may be a Republican, but his social policies and private life are, shall we say, very European.

  2. Great vlog David. Always nice to hear your thoughts out loud.

    The subject of European disdain for Americans is interesting. I remember when we first started feeling (hearing) it over here about a year into Bush’s presidency, most of us were taken by complete surprise at the level of venom coming from European and UK media. The surprise turned into anger pretty quickly. The result is that many Americans are now anti-Euro & UK – they could not care less about your problems and would prefer a complete withdrawal of all military bases along with any other subsidies we might be providing.

    If you asked random Americans off any street about UK/European politics or politicians, 99% would just shrug their shoulders – they aren’t interested and don’t care who you elect. That may be an ignorant position, but they know it really doesn’t matter – your politics aren’t truly germane to them individually or to our success or failure as a country.

    I’m pretty confident that most people over here aren’t real interested in the UK’s opinion on the presidential election and would be fairly surprised that it’s a topic of interest.

  3. Daphne: I wonder, 99% seems high (even for Texas).

    I would say that Americans would be suprised by the level of anti-Americanism is the press and common conversation. I know in Ireland I’ve often laughed out loud during conversations in which anti-Americanism often covers itself as anti-Bush.

    We’ve got too much in common with our European friends to have relations remain troubled. They’ll recall that and we’ll recall that.

  4. Mahons

    Interesting comment. I didn’t realise that you visited the emerald isle. Which places have you been to here?

    I was in NYC for the first time last summer. I found it amazing. Can’t wait to re-visit, which is something I rarely do, given that there are so many places to see and you only come this way once.

  5. Mahons – you’re probably right. Maybe 80%. I agree that they should get over their issues and be friendly. 🙂

  6. Sure David, go all lefty on us musically. At least I’ll know who in the hell is playing this time.

  7. I would put the number on the higher side of 90% when you relize that a year out from our own election only about 10% of our own people have given any of the candidates a real look over. Out of that 10% I would say only 2 out of 10 could even tell you who replaced Blair. and thats amongst those of us that consider ourselves "politcos"

    As for European disdain towards the US that’s nothing new. The only time any country has praise for the US is when they need somthing whether it’s money, food, or soldiers.

    The see a socialist in Hillary and Obama so in other words they see themselves as for the GOP they can’t grasp it because I don’t believe except in "New Europe" that there are any leaders or even people that understand that the world is not a safe place. That there is a world war going on and that choosing not to fight is not an option that you really have.

  8. 393 people have viewed your v log already David! Good going

    I’ve yet to meet a European who hates Americans. What’s bad is that the Americans take that as the status quo opinion and then assume all of Europe and Europeans hate them. I’ve lived in Europe. It may be the opinion of the media and some on the Left and a few nutjobs in a recruited audience but seriously…it isn’t representative. You are right about the media.

    To be honest though it cuts both ways and always has.

    It is the most destructive thing out there – who needs Islamists when we have each others ignorance.

  9. Gotta be Troll. I would agree with that assessment overall. *If you don’t log in, we can still you two separately like before.

    Alison, You are seriously right with that statement. One of the reasons I started looking at UK and European blogs was to see what real people thought in your part of the world. For the most part it’s been a very good experience, even when we disagree on issues there seems to be a real desire to understand and connect. The hyped up media and stupid blogs don’t represent what real people think when we take time to talk to each other.

  10. This mutual-ignorance between Europe and the USA is over-simplistic. Most people in the UK could name George Bush as the president of the USA, but far fewer could name the president of France (despite his highly-publicised love life) or the chancellor of Germany, despite the EU and the geographical proximity and the cheap flights to Berlin.

    So for the UK and Ireland it’s a language-cultural link which easily trumps the difference in distance betwen London-Paris versus London-New York.

    But as Big Mama / Troll / Daphne have pointed out, it doesn’t cut the other way. The US on average knows no more about the politics of the UK than it does about the politics of Switzerland. Ok, I exaggerate, but not much.

  11. You don’t exaggerate Peter, most here aren’t interested in anything other than sensationalized headlines. Put aside the Political Leaders, next to no one over here pays any attention to your online newspapers. If it doesn’t make Drudge, they don’t know about it. Who you people are, what you think and experience doesn’t interest most Americans. The UK or Europe is rarely a topic of discussion at any typical social gathering. Unless you mention Diana or Camilla – yawn.

    Troll, put up your latest vlog for crying out loud. I would have put it up except the announcement of your coming coincided. Post it – it’s so great!

  12. I’ll watch it tomorrow Trip., it looks worthy. I gave it a start, but I’m not in the mood right now to give it serious consideration. Mary J. Blige is playing right now……….

  13. yes we are better off trip, he cut taxes and is bringing the fight to the enemy That is our governments ONLY CONSTITUTIONAL obligation "to provide for the common defense"


  14. The Trollcast will have to wait till David e-mails me a:Permission, and b:The intructions on how to directly load it….


    PS David check the editors e-mail

  15. Yes Tripp, I’m always better off when the Feds aren’t stealing my money! If you saw our yearly tax bill, you would commiserate, it would handily feed a family of ten.

  16. If you saw our yearly tax bill, you would commiserate

    dollar hegemony has already given you artificially low taxes anyway. party looks over soon enough.

  17. Naw Tripp, you’re just used to artificially inflated taxes.

    Smaller government, no redistribution of wealth – I’ll be a happy camper.

  18. David doesn’t have to give Special Permission but, I would never assume to post one of my vlogs with out the curtesy of asking.

  19. You are describing ‘B.D.S.’, David! That’s Bush Derangement Syndrome. The lefties are raving lunatics when it comes to Dubya.

    The fur has just started flying over here – election years are tons of fun.

    GO FRED!!!!

  20. Bernard I’d no trouble with it. I didn’t down load anything. Where you looking at only the one question? The segments? Its better to click and play the whole show and move it along to the question you want.

    Theres no reason to down load anything. Try just clicking and playing the show and see what happens.

  21. Thanks for the invite peeps but to be frank the postings here are so varied, any ideas I have had in the past gets trumped by the main-man and other contributers.
    Once had an idea for everyone’s favourite ‘Aphorisms’.

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