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The following story ran quietly this week. No one giving it much attention, unless of course you work for the CBP. I’m sure they noticed, knowing also that their jobs are next. The Biden Administration DISBANDED the Customs Border Patrol UNION.

h/t Washington Times

Biden administration abolishes ICE labor union

The Biden administration delivered a death sentence Thursday to the labor organization that represents thousands of employees at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Federal Labor Relations Authority’s decision erases the National ICE Council and leaves its 7,600 members, mostly deportation officers, without a collective bargaining agreement or union representation, members said.

The move also dents a prominent critic of both the administration and the American Federation of Government Employees, the umbrella union that included the ICE Council.

AFGE moved to “disclaim” the ICE employees this summer after the council filed a complaint claiming gross mismanagement and hostile intentions at AFGEAFGE President Everett Kelley said the ICE Council wasn’t a good partner in the labor movement.

FLRA Regional Director Jessica S. Bartlett agreed to AFGE’s request in a decision Thursday, saying that ICE also sided with AFGE in its battle to ax the council.

This is an unprecedented event, but it creates a very welcome one. Using this precedent the next Republican Administration can DISBAND EVERY FEDERAL UNION. It can also be used by States and Cities to DISBAND ALL PUBLIC SERVICE UNIONS. These Unions were never supposed to exist. A Unions job is to negotiate for the workers with the employers for good working conditions, and a fair wage. Except City, State, & Federal Worker Unions, DON’T negotiate with their employers. Their Employers are the People not the City, State, & Federal Elected officials, or anyone in any level of Government. ALL Government Employees Work for the People. They may hate the line “We pay your Salary”, but we do. We are their employers and we have had no representation at the negotiating table.

This has created a crises across the entire country. Every City, State, & Federal Government can not afford the Pensions and Benefits these government workers have “Negotiated” for themselves with other “Employees”. As they live better lives than the people that have to pay for theirs. This was understood when Unions were formed and Championed by President FDR. He fought fervently for The People’s right to bargain for their SHARE OF THE BUSINESS PROFITS. There are no business Profits created by Government Workers on ANY level. Everything is paid with TAX PAYER money. Government workers create nothing, they spread our money around. These people don’t have to negotiate based on profitability. The Federal pay scale is set by Congress, who are also Employees of the Tax Payer. Two sets of employees greasing each others palms.

This was FDR the Father of Unions thoughts on GOVERNMENT UNIONS:

F.D.R. considered this “unthinkable and intolerable.”

Government collective bargaining means voters do not have the final say on public policy. Instead their elected representatives must negotiate spending and policy decisions with unions. That is not exactly democratic

We The People have no say in the negotiations. The Largest Union in the Country is the Federal Employees Union. This is the Bureaucracies power and hold over the people. They make more money than the avg. tax payer in September 2020, the average federal employee salary for federal employees was $90,098. While the the national taxpayers average salary in 2020 was $56,310. They also have a completely different Social Security plan than the avg. citizen as well as the best Pension Plans that can be imagined, at a time when 80% of the American People have no Pension Plans.

A Government job was originally for people who could not make it on their own or in the corporate business world. Those who can’t do teach, or push paper which is fine, they are tasks that need to be done. This group more than any other in our government has seized power over the people who actually produce for a living. The people that make our society productive and profitable now are under the heel of the Pencil Pushers. We work for them.

The most glaring example of this is the Good Dr. Fauci. The Highest Paid Civil Servant in the country at $417,608. He has been paid kickbacks and engaged in insider trading amassing a wealth greater than any Dr in Private Practice be they the best Heart Surgeon, Brain Surgeon, or Biologist. This gross corrupt incompetent who has been farming out dangerous viruses and research to the Chines, Ukraine, anywhere he can work around the rules. One of his “research” projects may have caused the last pandemic. Will never know the records are all destroyed. But it walks and Quacks like a Duck, so you decide.

I mention the Good Dr. and his salary and accomplishments for one reason. He is the perfect example of the quality of service and people we are getting for our dollar, and we have no say in the matter. There are 1000s of Fauci’s in every department of our government. They’ve NEGOTIATED themselves to be UNTOUCHABLE.

Biden’s move to DISBAND THE CBP UNION has set the Precedent. The next President needs to disband all Federal Union’s and Fire half the personnel in every department.

It’s a shame that no one has the chutzpah to do it, not even Trump. The only Politician to every do it in American History was Ed Rendell. When he took over as Mayor of Philly the city was in complete financial collapse. In his words “if the City was a Ship it was 3/5ths full of water and Listing”. The city was the cities largest employer and it’s largest expense. The first thing he did was fire half of all non-union workers. Starting with everyone that had an R next to their name went first. Now his method was pure Philly, I know personally because I was a victim of it, but the policy was sound. He then wrangled the Unions by threatening to Privatize all City Services and they folded. That helped keep the city afloat at a critical time in it’s history.

What Biden did to the Border Agents Union gives ANY President the weapon they need to restrain and dismantle the bureaucracy. I sadly doubt though there is a man or a woman with the spine to do it, yet it must be done.

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