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As we on this blog have covered many lesser important things in this past week, such as the non-election supervised by the treacherous mullah-led dictatorship in Iran (they must have been reading our blog because they took a great deal of offence to British statements, and there has been absolutely nothing coming from our apology for a Foreign Secretary), together with the looting by the 605 thieves and vagabonds who reside in their second home in Westminster ( I have allowed a percentage of honesty, and been a little generous in allowing the number of decent M.P.’s to be set at fifty), the lickspittle elected as ‘Speaker’, the ‘Hate Crime’ which is named Islam, Hillsborough and the damp carpet; I thought I’d focus on the true Government of Great Britain, which is encapsulated within the small story which revolves around the sleepy border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The BBC Today reporter was in conversation with a Northumberland Councillor and a rep. from the English Heritage Quango, and the subject was compliance with Conservation area Rules and Regulations. The Councillor was concerned that terrible crimes were being committed with pvc window-frames and t.v. dishes being fitted in a Conservation area, and the horror of it all. The English Heritage bloke backed her up by revealing that there were many untenanted shopfronts in the High Street, and the Council, while planning new developments, should enforce Conservation law by making the owners clean up and make like all is nice and tidy!

The Councillor rallied with a strong forehand by stating that she ‘understood’ that there was a recession, and money was scarce, but we had ‘Standards’ to keep up, and ‘tatty pvc windows’ was not the way forward. The good Councillor was not asked why the pvc windows, being all that the owners possibly could afford, were not suitable for her precious Conservation Area!

Her next target was, naturally, satellite dishes! Now I have to state that I have an interest in this particular item, because I recently subsrcibed to Sky, and my wife is at present watching a superb transmission of ‘La Boheme’ performed at the Met. In New York, and if I was approached by some Council busybody and told that my satellite dish was unsightly and against ‘Regulations’ I think that my reply would be without the bounds of decency as supported by the writers of this blog!

My point is however short; We elected these fools to Council positions, and We voted for Governments who installed these Quango Aristocrats who rule over us all by virtue of the ‘Rules and Regulations’, so in fact we have been the source of our own downfall! We are supposed to vote for the present bunch of thieves when next we elect, because they have been ‘selected’ again by their local Parties and Associations. I am more and more drawn to my previous vow to consider starting a New Party, and looking for similar thinking persons of many persuasions to stand as members of A Root and Branch Party, and kicking these snivelling scum back into the cesspit they crawled out of just a few years ago!

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2 thoughts on “a great need to bash someone’s head against a wall!

  1. "a New Party"

    I think that name’s already been used. Then again that may be the image you’re going for.

    Doesn’t seem to be much point in a conservation area if any old tat is going to be allowed, but perhaps that’s your platform.

    "a superb transmission of ‘La Boheme’ "

    Your Tiny Mind is Frozen.

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