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One associates Greece with a lot of heat during these summer months but that heat is particularly concentrated around the Athenian Parliament these days..

The parliament in Greece has narrowly approved a public sector reform bill that will see thousands of people lose their jobs. In a 153-140 vote, MPs backed the bill tied to the country’s fresh 6.8bn euros (£5.8bn) of bailout loans, needed to keep Greece afloat. During the debate thousands of protesters rallied outside the parliament in the capital Athens. Greece has recently been hit by a series of strikes against the cuts.

And so it goes. The Greek politicians do the bidding of their German masters and keep cutting in order that the begging bowl is filled. There is no way that Greece can emerge securely from the MOUNTAIN of debt that it is under but that is not to understand the point. THIS is all about stopping the euro from failing and so any level of pain in these “ClubMed” countries (one hesitates to call them Nations anymore) is deemed adequate.

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2 thoughts on “A HOT GREEK SUMMER

  1. //and so any level of pain //

    Nice to see you coming out on the side of workers in the inflated public sector, David.

    Back home, of course, you’d have no problem putting all of these jobs to the sword, but that would be to support the Pound, and would be ok.

  2. The Greek politicians do the bidding of their German masters …..

    Surely it has been established that the international bankers are the true masters of Greece. Mentioning Germans (as if Germans in Hamburg, Duesseldorf etc. have anything to do with this) is just out-dated blaming of an easy target.

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