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Phillip Dennis, Dallas Texas Tea Party Organizer: “…we’ve got a bunch of overeducated, undersmart people in Washington DC.  They don’t live like regular people do. We pay our bills on time. We go to work. We live within our means. Not like the government….borrowing trillions and trillions of dollars from people who could be our enemies…”

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3 thoughts on “A Liberal, A Politician, and a Texas Tea Party Organizer Go into a Bar….

  1. A good interview. Matthews spent alot of time laying traps and Dennis wouldn’t play his game. And as Dennis pointed out he, and I, have little time for the Republicans when they step out of line, and we say so.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Chris Matthews ’till a couple of months ago, since when I seen three interviews conducted by him.

    Without a doubt he’s the biggest tit I’ve seen behind a microphone, a bigger tit even that Lawrence O’Donnell – and he’s a giant tit. Granted, MSNBC is a government mouthpiece, but an interview is supposed to illuminate. This guy looks on interviewees as a dog looks at a lampost.

    The White House has no business whining about Fox while these propagandists are still on air.

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