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The witty and contrarian writer Tom Wolfe passed away at age 88. Known for inventing the New Journalism and wearing white suits he was a wonderful character. He was unafraid of popular consensus, poltical correctness, or fashionable conventions. His nonfiction work about Astronauts, The Right Stuff, was rich in detail and admiration for the pioneers of Space. His fictional Bonfire of the Vanities the best portrayal of New York City in the 1980s and probably the best American novel of that decade. He had the right enemies and a rapier wit to eviserate them. His eye for charlatans and ear for language were gifts beyond measure. You could say he had the Write Stuff. His voice will be missed.

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8 thoughts on “A Man In Full

  1. RIP Tom Wolfe, may God Bless you and keep you in eternal life.

    One of his semimal works ofc was
    witty and full of pearls of wisdom, reflecting America at its finest.

    Read that at 22 yrs of age, and made a huge impact on me, can honestly say I would not be the amazing, wonderful, gifted, amusing, “effortlessly superior” man i am today without acquainting myself with that work by Tom Wolfe.

    He didn’t think much of our blogs:
    In 2007 to mark the tenth anniversary of their advent, Wolfe wrote that “the universe of blogs is a universe of rumours” and that “blogs are an advance guard to the rear.”
    There might be butt-joke in there, if you can find it 😉

  2. Wolfe adopted wearing a white suit as a trademark in 1962. He bought his first white suit, planning to wear it in the summer, in the style of Southern gentlemen. He found that the suit he’d bought was too heavy for summer use, so he wore it in winter, which created a sensation. At the time, white suits were supposed to be reserved for summer wear.[34] Wolfe maintained this as a trademark. He sometimes accompanied it with a white tie, white homburg hat, and two-tone shoes. Wolfe said that the outfit disarmed the people he observed, making him, in their eyes, “a man from Mars, the man who didn’t know anything and was eager to know.”[35]


  3. A gracious, grounded man and a wryly sharp observer of the human form.

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