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I have often thought that one of the best and most straight forward contenders for ‘Dickhead of the Year’ would and should be taken by any one of the present bunch of mainstream politicians, either in America or in Great Britain.

But I contend that the outright winner, who should hold it in perpetuity; even partway through the year, is none other than the moronic idiot who calls himself Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly.

Now this clown decided that an imitation of a man, who had raped and sodomized a THREE YEAR-OLD girl; didn’t deserve a minimum sentence of 25 years, but instead awarded him a reduced sentence of ten years because HE DIDN’T MEAN TO HARM HER!



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One thought on “A new contender?

  1. Bullet behind the ear, somethings you just can’t fix. Mad dogs need to be put down

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