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I was reading about the case of a Nigerian immigrant who raped and murdered a Belfast mother-of-one and who was told yesterday he must serve at least 22 years of a life sentence before being considered for release. Jailing 25-year-old Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya at Belfast Crown Court, Mr Justice Weir told the massively built African he could find no evidence of remorse or contrition on his part for the gruesome killing.

After leaving Ms Moore for dead, Alauya ransacked her home, stealing perfume, jewellery, personal documents, a DVD player, cheque books and a switch card. The jury also heard that crime- scene investigators uncovered Alauya’s bloody fingerprint on a wall and a post-mortem examination revealed semen inside and underneath Ms Moore’s body. That examination also revealed that one of two stab wounds had partially severed the cartoid artery as it traversed the whole width of her neck and had caused massive bleeding which led to rapid death. Along with the wounds there were bruises to Ms Moore’s neck, indicating she had been strangled. Walking away from the bloody scene, the killer flagged down a taxi, asking the driver to stop at Creighton’s Garage where he bought microwave burgers because he was hungry.

I do NOT believe this sentence is in any way adequate. This savage will be free again when he is his late ’40’s and judging by his callous inhumanity, he will still present a real danger to women. I think it is a shame we do not have capital punishment for cases like this, so our next best option is to put him away for life – in a Nigerian jail. 

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16 thoughts on “A NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE…

  1. Can’t see any reason why this savage should see another day on the planet. There are some crimes that need the death penalty, this is one of them!

  2. David:

    It’s beyond words. But no doubt we’ll find the appropriate ones.

    My understanding is that the judge also sentenced the bastard to 10 more years for the rape so that would make him 64 when he’s freed.

    It wasn’t reported, as it usually is, that the rape sentence was "to run concurrently" so maybe it isn’t. It’s a thing I never understand anyhow. Why concurrently? Is the thinking behind this lunacy that because two crimes are committed at the same time then they can be paid for at the same time?

    If that’s the case then it won’t wash here. He raped her and killed her later. Two crimes perpetrated not concurrently but consecutively.

  3. Concurrent sentences are nothing more than a sleight of hand gimmick designed to make the judiciary look tough in sentencing without actually ensuring that the tough sentence is carried out.

    I alwasy remember readin a story some years ago about a father who had raped 7 of his children and the headlines in the papers said he had been given 49 years. Good i thought until you read the detail and realise they were actually 7 concurrent sentences of 7 years for each child abused. This of course is just one sentence of 7 years in reality and with parole probably meant he would be out in 4 years. Huge difference from 49 eh ?.

    I wish governments would abolish the nonsense theat is concurrent sentences and make Judges actually hand down clear simple sentences to be carried out in full.

  4. Hear, hear, Colm.

    And here’s another thing. The Belfast Telegraph carries a story about a blind woman who had her incapacity benefit cut because she walked the marathon.

    And typically the piece ends with:

    "A spokesman for the Department of Social Development said the Social Security Agency could not comment on individual cases."

    Why ever not? They treat people as individuals don’t they? Or did the dole offices turned into large holding pens when I wasn’t looking?

    Can’t the government do something about this get-out clause the social services seem to have to cover their arses?

  5. From the linked report:

    <<Turning to Alauya’s background, the judge revealed the Nigerian had tried to claim asylum after arriving in Dublin and whilst there had married, become addicted to crack cocaine, fathered four children by four different women and had attacked and robbed two taxi drivers at gunpoint on consecutive days in May 2005>>

    Why did the Irish authorities not deport this beast after his claim for some kind of asylum failed? What was he seeking asylum from? Come to think of it, how do these people get into our countries anyway?

  6. Allan:

    "Come to think of it, how do these people get into our countries anyway?"

    Probably very much the same way we people get into theirs: by air, land and sea.

  7. Exactly so, IB. They just walk in – no border control and no checks before they get on the plane or the boat. 37 Bolivians (bolivians??) just walk through Aberdeen airport off a KLM flight thus demonstrating that there is no border control at all, and it is policy to have no border control otherwise the UK’s borders would be controlled.

  8. Allan:

    I agree with you. We’re way too lax. In the Republic too. Do you recall the case of Farah Noor, murdered by the so-called Scissor Sisters in 2005? Similar to Alauya as regards his freedom to do what he wished, such as murdering a 17-year-old girl.

  9. Colm:

    And how dare the Irish redtops compare that crime with the pleasurable lesbian act of interlocking limbs called scissor sisters?

    (At least I’m informed by my lesbian friends that it’s pleasurable. How can I doubt it?)

  10. Colm:

    Filth? How dare you insult my lesbian friends?! They wash themselves thoroughly beforehand.

    But you didn’t hear this from MY lips.

  11. "As Linda struggled with the amorous Farah – a man well known for violence in drink – Charlotte grabbed him from behind and without hesitation slit his throat from ear to ear"

    "While Charlotte stabbed him – up to 22 times, according to a forensic scientist – Linda battered him with the hammer."

    "Over the toilet bowl Charlotte hacked away at his legs with knives and hammers dismembering his body in a period that is believed to have taken more than FIVE HOURS."

    "Gardai say his penis was cut off as an act of revenge."

    Oh yes, hahahaha, very amusing story.

    Do you people have no sense of decency whatsoever?

  12. I have a spare five minutes .. so would like to be the first name on the list to spring the trapdoor … and i will then go on to have a full eight hours undisturbed sleep.

    Now , bring on the rest of them, its not such a ‘ dirty job ‘ and there are plenty of people like me who feel the same. i will not only load the gun , i will aim it and pull the trigger and bury the worthless and now lifeless body as well, can’t say fairer than that … you take someones life , the likes of me will take yours? its all in a days work .

    Now suck on that all you liberals ! ‘ barbaric folk ‘ like me will protect the innocent whilst the liberal minded halfwits can protect there feelings for five minutes … just who is the barbaric one here?

  13. Anonymous:

    "Do you people have no sense of decency whatsoever?"

    Not me, no. Decency is a virtue with too high a price-tag for me. Let me instead wallow in the filth with Colm.

    "Over the toilet bowl Charlotte hacked away at his legs with knives and hammers dismembering his body in a period that is believed to have taken more than FIVE HOURS."

    "Gardai say his penis was cut off as an act of revenge."

    Actually I’m of the opinion it was the father, John Mulhall, who did the dismembering. Don’t forget that Farah stole his wife away from him. Revenge? Yep.

    The severing of the willy is a dead giveaway. Apologies for my use of the word "dead".

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