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assholeEverybody’s throwing a conniption over the Cover of The Rolling Stone. It shows a sweet angelic looking young man filled with all the promise and possibilities in the world before him.  The picture as alluring as a young Jim Morrison, or Eric Clapton.

The picture is the point of the 18pg story inside. Which attempts to quantify how such a face like that is in reality the face of a monster. Does the story pull it off ? I’ve read about half so far it’s not a bad piece. We’ll see if stays that way till the end, with it’s tone of condemnation and contempt. The jury is still out.

People are upset, people are always upset about something… I mean c’mon it’s Rolling Stone whadya expect, Hard Reality?

All I know is it got THIS song stuck in my head, and that was OK. I hope it sticks in yours.

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One thought on “A non-news event

  1. This cover is all about increasing Rolling Stone circulation by manufacturing shock and outrage.

    I guess it’s better than race baiting or global warming scare mongering.

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