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‘Moderate’ Palestinian Official Says Palestine Territory Spans from the ‘River to the Sea’ — Guess What That Means

The senior Palestinian official who several weeks ago said that if the Palestinians had a nuclear bomb they would have already nuked Israel now says all of Israel is “occupied” territory.

Jibril Rajoub is a member of the Palestinian Fatah Central Committee – the leading party in the PLO – and is frequently referred to as a “moderate” Palestinian official. He’s even been featured in a Hebrew video promoting the peace process between the sides.

Rajoub now suggests in a telephone interview to a Qatari television station that Palestine stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, saying he considers all of that area to be “occupied lands.” This includes all of the territory in Israel, including all of Jerusalem, which Israel has declared as its capital, all of Tel Aviv, where the United States embassy sits, all of Haifa and Nazareth in the north, Beersheba and Eilat in the south. Rajoub’s “occupied lands” also covers Hamas-ruled Gaza from which Israel withdrew in 2005.

Though the renewed negotiations being promoted aggressively by Secretary of State John Kerry is predicated on the idea of a two state solution – a state for Israelis and a state for Palestinians — this “moderate” senior official’s description of what he believes to be the land of Palestine leaves no room for Israel.


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15 thoughts on “A Peaceful People

  1. //this “moderate” senior official’s description of what he believes to be the land of Palestine leaves no room for Israel.//

    What? There’s someone so evil that he wants to have all the land for his state?
    That’s disgraceful!

  2. the man said the day before “If we had a nuclear bomb we would bomb them this morning”

    If you support his statements, that’s what YOU advocate.

  3. So we already have right here someone who doesn’t want to leave any land for the others, and who advocates dropping A bombs on all and sundry.

    So why in the name of Jazus should we be shocked by, or even interested in, some other loon a world away who believes the same.

  4. Miko Peled, son of General Mati Peled describes how the lands of Palestine were stolen by jewish invaders at the point of a gun. No question: palestine was stolen, a huge crime.

  5. Did they report this theft at the nearest Police station Allan and get a crime number? Insurance won’t pay out without a crime number.

    Hoorah for Pallywood where your terriffic if your even gooooood……

    What exactly would these individuals use the land for if they did own everything from the ‘Delta to the DMZ’? Build factories for making bombs? Hate to break it to you but the only thing apart from Pallywood thats a growing concern is just more hate, warmongering and knocking out little Muhammeds who can make their Mummies proud by strapping C4 to themselves and killing other kids in supermarkets and on busses.

    Israel has built a thriving country. Best the Pally’s just stay in their camps and let the adults use the land instead. Okay.

    BTW Allan -Did you enjoy the ‘Gaza Gay Rights Parade’ the other day…oh thats right you didn’t cos to squeeze out of the closet means instant death there and pretty much everywhere in the ME. Whereas in Israel they are a wee bit more tolerant.


    So remind me which ME country is it that the caring leftards hate? Why it’s Israel. Democratic, tolerant and free. And leftards hate that? Shurely shome mishtake.

  6. Dog – your response shows that you did not watch the linked video and wilfull ignorance is no basis for argument. Prior to the jewish invasion, Palestine was thriving:


    Mr. Moshe Smilanski (of sixty years experience in Palestine) wrote in the Jewish Review of February, 1952:

    “When the British mandate came to an end the country was well off. Food warehouses, private and governmental, were full and there were good stacks of raw materials. The country had thirty million pounds in the Bank of England, besides British and American securities to a large amount. The currency in circulation was about thirty million pounds, which had the same value as sterling . . . The Mandatory Government left us a valuable legacy, the deep harbour in Haifa, two moles in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, railways, many good roads and government buildings, large equipped military and civil airfields, good army barracks and the Haifa refineries. The Arabs who fled left behind about five million dunams of cultivable land, containing orchards, orange graves, olives, grape vines and fruit trees, about 75,000 dwelling houses in the towns, some of them very elegant, about 75,000 shops and factories and much movable property, furniture, carpets, jewellery, etc.

  7. And Egypt used to rule 90% of the known world outside Rome. Times change and todays Pallys are only good for being cowardly terrorists.

  8. Petrkin ,
    You remain idealistic, yet hopelessly naive.

    Please take a look at this..

    ” IDF outlines rules of engagement in populated areas”


    Now have a look at this guy.
    His name is Haj Amin al Husseini.

    He wanted to build an Auswitz style concentration camp outside of Nablus where the Jews living in Palestine could be exterminated.
    Here he is again..
    His official title was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, father of the Palestinian people.
    It is well known that many Arab states supported Hitler and actively recruited Arabs to fight alongside the Nazis
    In fact in both world wars the Arabs supported the Germans whereas the Jews fought for the Allies..

    You have uncritically swallowed a load of anti semitic propaganda, and unwittingly find yourself aligned with the likes of Allan of Aberdeen..
    I had you down as a man of integrity.

  9. ps.
    “The Human Rights Council (HRC), is dominated by Islamic countries and known for its hostility to Israel. The Bush administration refused to participate in the HRC, but President Barack Obama joined it soon after taking office. Members of the HRC include infamous human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, China, and Cuba.”

    Wow! Who’d a thunked it?

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