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By the End of the week the Likud Party will be in complete control of Israel. Much to the consternation of the Leaders in Europe and the U.S.

The first of only two true democratic countries in the Middle East has looked their future in the eye and have decided that the Right Wingers should be in control. Surrounded on all sides by the enemy being attacked everyday. They know to survive they need leadership that will tell all the world to go to hell and defend their people.

The Military vote in Israel is always counted a day or two after the civilians, those votes will go to BiBi. Insiders are predicting he will offer Livni some power, and she will refuse. This will cause a large number of her party that were Likud to return to it. That and the rise of the new Extreme nationalist party of Avigdor Lieberman, whose ultranationalist party won enough seats to become the third-leading force in Israel’s Parliament, also caused alarm. His party pushed Israel’s once formidable Labor Party, which has often pursued peace, into fourth place.

The Heads of Europe and the U.S. fear that not only is any peace deal off the table but a strike on Iran by Israel is most definitly on the table.

Poor Barack wants talks with the mad little Persian that will be a little hard when Iran starts shooting missiles at our troops in response to the Jews actions…LOL

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11 thoughts on “A Prediction From The West

  1. He still looks as if he’s waiting for the handcuffs. Ain’t you got a bette pic of the poor chap?

  2. Troll:

    "Poor Barack wants talks with the mad little Persian that will be a little hard when Iran starts shooting missiles at our troops in response to the Jews actions…LOL"

    I doubt if it’ll come to that, given Israel’s arsenal of weapons which dwarfs Iran’s capabilities. The "mad little Persian" knows that he and his people could be blown to Jahannam if they’d dare strike.

    BTW why the "LOL"? Do you think annihilation of countless men, women and children is a comedy act? I sure as hell don’t.

  3. I think the idea that Obama talking to the mad little persian making any difference in Irans plans is a joke to sad to laugh at.

    and the idea of allowing them to build a nuclear bomb is a threat that needs to end I don’t care how many people have to die to prevent that nation from reaching that goal.

  4. >>Likud Party will be in complete control of Israel.<<

    Rubbish. No party can be "in complete control" of Israel, the election results and the needs of coalitions put paid to that. BiBi, if he does become PM, will depend on a wide range of different interests and characters, some of them every bit as unsavoury and religious nutcase as Ahmadinejad is supposed to be.

  5. "Ahmadinejad is supposed to be"

    Ah yes, the man says he was surrounded by a Divine Light that paralysed the UN assembly for 20 minutes when he spoke, but our Noel has the inside info and knows he’s just a regular bloke really.

    You utter, utter muppet.

  6. Noel
    BiBi will be in charge of course he’ll have to form coalitions the largest will be with those that are further right than Likud

  7. If the military votes do go his way in such numbers to overcome his opponent’s lead he would at least have a victory. I don’t think anyone who has come in second has formed a coalition government in Israel’s history. But he won’t have a mandate (and neither would she) as the vote was too close.

    The ability of the far right parties to have influence beyond their actual support is troubling.

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