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As it is the only festival which counts, I thought that I would post two tracks from a Christmas present given me by my daughter, who besides being a dead clever and accomplished Engineer, also demonstrates that she knows her father better than most!

So sit back and listen to ‘Prelude (From The Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 In G Major) with Yoyo-Ma


as well as ‘La Musica Notturna delleStrade Di Madrid’


in memory of a time when we had a Navy and an Army which answered to politicians and civil servants who were, for the most part, honest and patriotic, and not a bunch of self-serving, double-dealing, lying, dishonest scumbags, as we most definitely have experienced in the past decade and a half!

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2 thoughts on “A present from Alice

  1. I am not sure that our politicians are any more dishonest than the used to be. Anyway, nice tunes, helped make that movie.

  2. Wonderful Mike!

    Whenever I see Russell Crowe’s name mentioned I can’t help thinking of the creep who epitomises all that is wrong with this age of “Celebrity” status.

    Yes, the man who would call him “Wussell Cwow” – and probably why I remember his name – furthest away from all that the actor (in this context) brings to us about Britain’s once-glorious navy, now no better than the irrelevance of Belgium.

    Stand up and be recognised Jonathan Ross for the disgraceful, double-handed, vulgar no-mark that you are.

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