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8 thoughts on “A QUESTION OF DEGREE…

  1. David:

    Oh, I thought you meant that Biased BBC was belatedly blogging the Corp’s refusal to broadcast the DEC Gaza appeal.

    Or would that be too biased?

    No mention of it here either. Obviously not important enough to blog. Unlike the non-story of the headlines.

  2. Colm:

    Sorry, meant to say that David hadn’t blogged it. I already commented on Mike Cunningham’s post. (At least two you say? Could only find Mike’s.)

    My point is that David is behind Biased BBC (meaning that it’s anti-Israel for example) yet when the Beeb seemingly sides with Israel then David remains unusually silent. That can’t be right can it? And I use the word "right’ in the sense of "correct and just".

  3. Following the events at the Europa on Wednesday, did anybody see the BBC 10 OClock News? What appeared to be a promo by the BBCs Alan Little for a truth and reconciliation body similar to South Africa s for Northern Ireland! You would have Eames playing the role of Tutu, no doubt on the edge of tears as "victims" competed with each other X Factor style to play hard done too "We were so poor my mother took the bones out of her corset to make a pan of soup, i think thats why my brother joined the armed struggle!"
    Jim Molyneaux would be Ulsters PW Botha, bad mouthing his successor, and harking back to the days when the party ruled the roost, claiming friends in high places, who when the chips were down deserted him! Always completely ineffective!
    Trimble would be the medias De Klerk, brought a once mighty party to its knees, tolerated by the media, because they unlike him could see where it was all heading! Having fallen of his perch, he blamed others for indulging the enemy!!!!
    Paisley is obviously Terre Blanche, self appointed speaker for his "people" Always threatning to make the place ungovernable, blustering fool could never deliver. In the end his friends removed him from his once undisputable leadership role!
    Gerry Adams as Mandela! Winnie not Nelson!
    First Minister Robinson will announce he will be visiting Clontibret to apologise for invading it in 1986! President Mary Mac was going to travel North to apologise for the part played by the Irish Government in forming and arming PIRA. She has a more pressing engagement her hubbys socks need darning!
    The day will close with traditional Irish songs by Bono and the Reverend Willie McCrea!
    With every one looking forward to tommorrows appearance of St John Hume and his single transferable speech by video link from his holiday home in Donegal!

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