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Hannity on the One Year Anniversary of the Mueller Special Counsel.

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9 thoughts on “A request from Phantom

  1. And we still wait for Sopel and the BBC to cover this extraordinary Deep State tale of corruption and subversion of the Constitution – arguably the worst US scandal in its history.

  2. Arguably The biggest load of goddamn bullshit foisted upon the American public by state media FOXNews

  3. what Part Phantom???

    Point by point…. make your case.

    c’mon present your arguments against what he says in the video, or is spitting bile the extent of your argument?

    No facts or even logical reason… ie this is wrong because…. because why?

    Don’t believe Hannity he’s a shill, no believe The Bayridge Phantom he’s THE expert…. you can tell by the depth of his arguments and salient points of logic and reason that he makes…


  4. I’ll put this here – on Phantom’s thread since it seems quiet.

    Starbucks has decided to wind itself up as a coffee shop and become a shelter for black itinerants:


    Starbucks is now allowing people to use its restrooms and sit in its cafes and patios even if they do not buy anything.

    The coffee giant on Saturday announced its new policy, which says that customers, including those who did not make a purchase, can come to its cafes and stay — as long as they behave properly.

    We can discuss the meaning of ‘people’ elsewhere so, for the moment, I’ll include blacks.

    The announcement comes about five weeks after a manager at a Philadelphia Starbucks called the police on two young black men who had arrived at the coffee shop early for a business meeting. One or both had asked to use the bathroom but were told they couldn’t because they had not bought anything.

    Those alt-right ‘extremists’ have the only sensible views on what will happen…..



    Still, anything that ruins the normies’ comfort-zone is fine by me. Kudos to Starbucks

  5. The treasonous scumbag should have been hanged. Greece is on its knees because of invasion and that POS supports the invaders:


    A city official says the mayor of Greece’s second-largest city has been hospitalized with head, back and leg injuries after being set upon by nationalist extremists.

    Thessaloniki City Council President Calypso Goula said Mayor Yiannis Boutaris was attending a flag-lowering ceremony Saturday in commemoration of the so-called “Pontic Genocide,” the killing of ethnic Greeks by the Turks during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish war.

    Goula, who also was there, says about a dozen people approached the 75-year-old Boutaris and told him to leave the event, then attacked him with bottles. The mayor is known for his strong anti-nationalist stance.

    Here are the facts:

    A ceremony commemorating Greeks killed by Turks during and subsequent to WW1 was attended by nationalists.

    The mayor, who is pro-immigrant and avowedly anti-nationalists, turned up in what is a calculated affront.

    The scumbag traitor who puts invaders before his own is still alive

  6. Here are the facts:

    The facts of the matter are that a seventy five year old man was attacked with bottles then when on the ground kicked about the head and body by a group of twelve ‘nationalist patriot’ far right extremist cowardly scum.

    Those are the facts.

  7. Good for Trump

    Even Trump Can’t Stop Mocking Sean Hannity’s ‘Dumb’ Softball Questions

    Donald Trump’s close relationship—on air and off—with Sean Hannity hasn’t stopped the president from mocking the Fox News star behind his back for being such a suck-up, according to three sources who have independently heard this mockery.

    Trump’s many radio and TV interviews, always touted as “exclusives” and rarely making any news, have been widely derided by media critics and political observers as simpering propaganda. And the president himself, a man famous for demanding relentless validation and unwavering loyalty, feels the same way.

    Trump has repeatedly—and sometimes for a sustained period of time—made fun of Hannity’s interviewing skills, usually zeroing in on the low-quality laziness of the host’s questions, the three people with direct knowledge tell The Daily Beast.

    “It’s like he’s not even trying,” Trump has said, one source recalled, right before the president launched into a rough imitation of Hannity’s voice and mannerisms to complain that the questions about how “great I am” give him nothing to work or have fun with

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