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Here we go – proof I am still alive and kicking… !

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17 thoughts on “A SATURDAY VLOG!

  1. ‘…they can just about get their own name out…’

    Just one of several lols during this vlog David.

    My all time favourite was Gary McMichael. When he came on tv I dropped everything. My kids could talk better at 3 months!

  2. Hotspur,

    You wouldnt believe the high esteem McMichael is held by the BBC. I did a programme with me where he called me an "Alf Garnett" type, I replied I didn’t take such comments from UDA apologists and the BBC host told ME off!!!!

  3. Excellent effort David.

    I think you are really finding your form with this format and I enjored the jokes.

    But I was a little troubled with the reference to politicians being sent to plant potatoes. Echoes of Pol Pot and year zero? 🙂

  4. Well done! – you are certainly one brave cookie!

    Totally agree re politicians, used to think it was just me having a problem with authority, then I realised I just had a problem with fools…

    Thanks for the post…

  5. David, the ideas and opinions you just put forward in such a clear, unequivocal manner are the reason I love ATW and keep coming back.

    I’m in 100% agreement with you on this one. Keep up the good work.

    *I have a hard time focusing on you with those fish in the background, they’re mesmerizing!

  6. David,

    I put up a reference with a response to your vlog, sorry I held the mike a little too close, it’s the first time I’ve ever uploaded anything entirely audio, but…;-)

  7. The vlog got me thing about politicians I’ve known. There has been only one that I respected for his brains, ideology and practical application of those attributes in his constituents interests. That was my state rep., Jack Stick. He was a truly good guy who did a fine, honest job. Unfortunately he lost his seat after his first term to a George Soros/Moveon.org funded candidate, by a recount margin of a few hundred votes.

    Jack was a good man. Now I’m stuck with a bought and paid for leftard jerk.

  8. Alf Garnet type?? LOL. It is a good one. You do realise now that you have said that – that forever more you shall be thought of as such…!

  9. To be aligned with Alf Garnet was an unintended compliment indeed!
    Johnny Speight, who created the character, said many years later that he was dismayed (if you believe him, which I don’t) to realize just how many people identified and agreed with his archetypal rightwing ‘parody’.
    Back in the 1960s the TV-media were much more at ease with the general public, but now the gulf is enormous, (as it is with politicians) and a repeat of the series would never ever happen.

  10. David: I haven’t seen a man give a more interesting speech with fish in the background since Jacques Cousteau. The point about a limited government was quite good. I can’t say I despise all politicians, but the majority of them I certainly could live without.

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