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Amazed to read that one of the most piicturesque cathedral cities in the heart of England, the birthplace of Sir Edgar Elgar no less, plans to twin with…..Gaza.

The idea – proposed by a Labour Councillor, has been endorsed by the Conservative run Council, so proving that stupidity is not the monopoly of any one Party.

Labour councillor Alan Amos, who first suggested the twinning, said: ‘Like many I have watched the plight of the people of Gaza, seeing them get bombed and bombed by Israelis with advanced military weapons. ‘But rather than sit there thinking, “Isn’t that terrible” I really wanted to do something about it. ‘We wanted to bring people together to show a gesture of solidarity – so Gaza could look at us and see that the whole world isn’t against them, there are people who understand their plight and think what is happening to them is unacceptable. ‘We are optimistic this will go ahead. And it is a humanitarian gesture and not a political move.’

LOL – what a goon! Tell you what though, why not invite some of thosee charming Hamas people across to Worcester in a further move of solidarity – who knows what cultural riches they may bring? What next for Worcester -a ban on Jews perhaps? A disgusting move from a wicked council.

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29 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO CITIES

  1. >>What next for Worcester -a ban on Jews perhaps? <<

    Well, not unless they come flying in in planes loaded with bombs, I suppose.

  2. This is a Conservative council doing this. The Conservative Party, under normal circumstances, would be the sensible counter-weight to Labour’s stupidity, but these are not normal circumstances. The body politic of the UK is riddled with a cancer spread by vectors such as the BBC and Common Purpose.
    To illustrate the point, could anyone imagine the ‘extremist’ BNP allowing Stoke to twin with Gaza. In fact, the ‘anti-semites’ of the BNP actually would be more likely to twin with Haifa. Who are the extremists now?

  3. These are the fools on Worcester Council who signed the motion:

    Councillors Amos (proposer), Agar, Arnold, Barnes, Bayliss, Berry, Cronin, Denham, Ditta, Gregson and Riaz.

    I think they are all Labour fools.

  4. Thanks for the link, William. I have just mailed Mr Amos congratulating him on his humanity and the success of his proposal.

  5. a twinning of the cities, does that mean their going to put rocket launchers on top of the schools and churches and start shelling London?

  6. >>does that mean their going to put rocket launchers on top of the schools and churches and start shelling London?<<

    If London started bombing Worcester they would probably be justified in doing so.

    Sause for the goose, if I may use the phrase.

  7. February in America is "Black History Month". (Even there they got the short end of the stick, the joke goes, as Feb is the shortest month!)

    Texas is now 49% white. Do I get a white history month? The suggestion would bring nothing but trouble for me! Maybe we are cowards, because to seriously brouch the subject could get you in hot water, or at least in the gulag of your company’s "sensitivity

  8. ‘Do I get a white history month? The suggestion would bring nothing but trouble for me!’

    Go on Charles, why do you think there might be a ‘Black History Month’ and not a ‘White History Month’? Think about it logically and rationally, go on.

  9. And got a reply already!!

    "Dear Mr Cunningham

    Thank you so much for your support – much appreciated.

    Best wishes

    Alan Amos"

  10. Charles:

    "Texas is now 49% white."

    How is "white" defined in your neck of the woods? Looking at my hands as I type these words I note that the colour varies from Pantone® 7499 to Pantone® 7508.

    Am I white, beige or even pink?

  11. The disturbing thing is that Worcester is one of the few remaining cities in England that could still be classified as British as it hasn’t been engulfed by muslims. This action on the part of the council is based purely on evil and not coercion by a violent and volatile minority.

  12. James H:

    "classified as British as it hasn’t been engulfed by muslims."

    I didn’t know Britishness was dependent on one’s religion. Where do British-born Jews fit into your classifications?

  13. Can’t see what all the fuss is about; most of the UK has been ‘twinned’ with the third world.

  14. Definitions of white etc are pernicious and meant to divide

    If I am not mistaken, Hispanics tended to be classified as white in years past but are now split into a separate classification

    And you have the separate and divisive issue of what race class to place the child of a "Latin" / "white" marriage

  15. >>Where do British-born Jews fit into your classifications?>>

    Barry, it’s James H, so you could just as well have asked about British-born Catholics!

  16. James

    You can say that this twinning exercise is a foolish empty gesture but evil ?. What a ridiculoulsy exaggerated misuse of that word.

  17. Noel Cunningham…Amos is a typical coward…he didn’t reply to me, as I was critical of his stupid motion. Jo Hodges is one of the few Labour Councillors on Worcester City Council with common sense….the others are looney lefties, vile snakes in the grass.

  18. Irish Barry…..’British born Catholics’…..you obviously mean Church of England or were you referring to Roman Catholics???….. Certainty ensures that everyone knows what and who you mean.

  19. Guba, been gone all day to visit Mother at the nursing home and getting a walking brace.

    The obvious answer is that every month is "white" history month, unless you’re at an American uni, where it’s everything but.

    Race is like porn; everyone knows it when they see it, but can’t define it. And Obama is half white and half black, but hailed around the globe as the 1st black president. If there’s no such thing as race, which is mostly a social construct, then why all the huplah?

  20. "Certainty ensures that everyone knows what and who you mean."

    Including you, Terry. And your point is?

  21. If there’s no such thing as race, which is mostly a social construct, then why all the huplah?

    Friday, February 27, 2009 at 03:11AM | Charles in Texas

    Caste and class are examples of social constructs. A person can change his/her class but not his/her race: that is biology and is unchangeable.

  22. Charles:

    Up until 40 years ago there was alot of huplah about race. It is a stain that will remain on the American people for a long, long time.

    Black people have a truly terrible history in America. They were brought there as slaves and have been treated as less then human for much of its history. It is not the blacks who made race an issue; but the whites.

    Black Americans, though now free for a few decades, still are on the bottom rung of the ladder. It is rather convenient that white people, who for centuries have been fascinated with race, will suddenly drop it like a hot potato. Whites have a responsibility to integrate black Americans into their society; they have a financial responsibility and a responsibility to admit they were wrong and, most important of all, recognize that objectifying humanity is always wrong. Seeing peoples comments here as regards Muslims shows that this hate is still as strong as ever.

  23. Guba

    You, from afar, seem unduly attached to group identity and group guilt or the victimhood of groups.

    The early history of blacks in America was not a pretty one, but the fact is the descendants of those brought over as slaves live as Kings and Queens as compared with the descendants of those who stayed in Africa, including those who lived in areas where there was never an effective European presence.

    There are huge numbers of blacks, two of whom I had dinner with last night, who do not play your world weary victim game, and who have made their own success in corporate and other worlds without looking for a direct or indirect handout by those who bear the "collective guilt" that is quite clearly central to your thinking.

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