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Looks like the Palin bubble has burst. Yip – I see that it has been confirmed that she bought a sun-bed and ..gasp..had it installed at the governor’s mansion. Wow – is this how desperate, how pathetic, leftworld has become in its desire to somehow bring Sarah Palin down?  

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20 thoughts on “A TANNING SHAME…

  1. Let’s face it, David, the Palin story of the day is that she’ll probably refuse to cooperate with the inquiry into her abuse of power in Alaska, and this post is the typical rightworld noise to distract from it.

  2. Well one thing we can be sure of, Barack Obama has probably never had a tanning bed installed. It’s actually quite unusual to find an anti-Palin smear that doesn’t apply to an even greater extent to the One.

  3. I suppose she didn’t buy it on e-bay.

    This is the kind of thing rightworld would be foaming at the mouth if it was a Democrat, and we all know that.

    It is however, not a serious story, certainly not as serious as Palin changing course on cooperation with the inquiry.

  4. Mahons, and certainly not as funny as the latest wheeze from McCain’s camp, i.e. bolstering her foreign policy experience by bringing her along to the UN to meet some foreign leaders.

    Sorta like bring your daughter to work day.

  5. Why would anyone be foaming over the fact that this woman (or any woman) owns a tanning bed? If I had the space, I’d own one too.

  6. And in next week’s fascinating revelation it is announced Saint Sarah also wears Boot’s mascara (traitor) to complement her pitbull lipstick and deep luscious tan.

    Holy hell

    And lol Ross! though the blogs did go beserk over the whole dresses up like an African native malarkey which was equally absurd.

  7. Daphne: Installing one in the Governor’s mansion suggests a less frugal person than she claims to be on behalf of her state. This is especially so in light on the nights apparently spent away from the Governor’s mansion (300+).

    Frank -please tell me that is a joke. He can’t really be doing that.

  8. "Daphne: Installing one in the Governor’s mansion suggests a less frugal person than she claims to be on behalf of her state. "

    The report says that she bought it with her own money.

  9. She paid for it, so who cares? You can pick one up for a few thousand bucks.

    Alison, have you seen the Palin wigs for sale? Mind blowing, who in the hell would buy one of those besides Tammy Faye Baker?

  10. Daphne: She paid for it? I think that isn’t quite clear yet. If she did it is even more of a nonstory.

  11. I think it’s one of those stories that is being overhyped by the Right as an unfair attack on Saint Sarah when in reality the opposition aren’t making a fuss of it at all.

  12. Yeah, she paid for it, Mahons. Colm’s right, (as usual) it’s another non-story being made into hay by righty bloggers and stupid msm reporters.

  13. Good. I understand that the winters have little light so I can understand the desire to be tan. I myself, a product of Irish ancestry, find such products useless as they would only turn me red.

  14. The Federal Reserve will apparently spend 85 billion to prop up AIG. Ahem, brother can you spare a dime?

    Credit to Palin for calling Tina Fey’s sketch funny, McCain’s idiots called it sexist. Why either feels the need to comment on a television comedy show of course raises one’s eyebrows, however if asked I suppose they need to say soemthing.

    Meanwhile Wall Street is reeling, Afghanistan seems to require more troops and does anyone plan to vacation in Baghdad now that the surge is such a grand success?

  15. The SNL sketch was funny, anyone taking offense needs to revisit their sense of humor. SNL has skewered every politician since they’ve been on the air.

    Oh, have you read Michael Yon’s latest piece on the British in Afghanistan? So excellent, I should post that up – those men are a wonder in such awful conditions.

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