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Very sad to read a heartbroken dad tell how his son hanged himself because of “fear” and “guilt” he felt over the Cork air disaster that killed six people.

The plane’s two pilots were killed along with four people with links to Northern Ireland — Richard Noble (49), Michael Evans (51), Pat Cullinan (45) and Brendan McAleese (39), a cousin of Irish president Mary McAleese’s husband. British pilot Oliver Lee (29) used to fly for the Manx2 airline between Belfast and Cork twice daily. Just days before the fatal crash Mr Lee left the company to join Jet2, but he blamed himself for the tragedy. He believed it would never have happened if he was at the controls, as he was familiar with foggy conditions in Cork. The body of Mr Lee was found in the stables of his family home in England, which he shared with his father David (54) and sister Harriet (21), by a Jet2 colleague.

Just awful. The air disaster at Cork was bad enough but the ramifications of it still carry on…

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3 thoughts on “A TRAGIC POST SCRIPT…..

  1. He committed no bad act, and was not responsible in any way for what happened.

    Awful how unfair people can be to themselves.

  2. A perceived guilt and the person’s reaction to it take many forms.

    Many of those reactions, as radical as they seem, can only be justified by the person themselves.

    R.I.P. aviator!

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