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She was so far ahead of her time.

Files released to the National Archives show that soon after becoming prime minister, Lady Thatcher privately complained that too many Asian immigrants were being allowed into Britain. The documents, which are published today under the “30 year rule”, shed further light on Lady Thatcher’s attitudes on race and immigration, political issues that have remained controversial ever since.

“People are really rather afraid that this country might be rather swamped by people with a different culture,” she told World In Action. “If we do not want people to go to extremes we ourselves must talk about this problem and we must show that we are prepared to deal with it,” she added. “We are not in politics to ignore people’s worries. We are in politics to deal with them.”

Amen to that. Lady Thatcher understood that it is vital that the political mainstream connects with and then DEALS with the valid concerns of ordinary people. Of course this was YEARS before Labour came to power and opened the floodgates for immigration thus inducing permanent demographic change on line with their radical multicultural agenda. She was right back in 1979 and is still right. We need to operate strict immigration policies and ensure that those who come in to our Nation offer skills we are lacking and fully assimilate into British culture, laws and traditions.

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  1. Exactly. The politician who says something to get elected and then fails to do so is worse than the poltiician who does not even try to pretend. Mrs T deserves no praise for this. She was talking tough before the general election that’s all. During her 11 years in power did she serioulsy prevent the multi-cultural changes to the British landscape or the ever ebcroaching submerging into athe European superstate. She did not. Plus, this isn’t a new revelation. I remember the fuss over the ‘swamp’ comment at the time.

  2. This is exactly why the country needs to rid itself of the anti-British Establishment parties and elect a party which really will repatriate the 3rd-world invaders. Every single politician including Mrs T lied about immigration and we are now at the point where the future of Britain as a British country is in doubt.

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