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You might think no sane person would praise the mass kidnapping of young Christian schoolgirls by the Islamist devotees in Boko Haram. You would be half right, he is evidently not sane!

A London hate preacher jailed after calling for 9/11-style attacks across Europe has sparked fresh outrage after defending the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. In videos posted online, Mizanur Rahman praises Boko Haram, the terrorist group behind the kidnapping, for angering the West and suggests it is “not necessarily a bad thing” if they kill non-Muslims. The clips raise fresh questions about the extent to which Britons, including the young, are being radicalised over the internet. Children can be heard in the background in one two-hour rant. Scotland Yard detectives are now probing the videos after being alerted to them by the Standard.

My simple question IS WHY is he still not behind bars? These sort of deranged Islamists are a menace to ALL communities and the only place for them is behind bars, in solitary.

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7 thoughts on “A VOICE OF SANITY?

  1. Of course such ranting is vile and utterly without merit, and I question whether such an individual should be allowed to live here if its the case that he came her form another country, but no he should not be jailed and nor should anyone else purely for expressing an opinion however offensive.

  2. Noel,

    Surely even devoted ‘free speech’ fanatics such as yourself must recognise the important difference between ‘free speed’ and an incitement to violence, such as espoused by this Islamic ingrate.

  3. You hanged Lord Haw Haw for essentially the same thing.

    The Brits are big fans of precedent.

    Well, follow past practice, and have a nice day.

  4. Oops! – my sincerest apologies to you both!

    My wife insists on watching tv tonight, some crap programme ‘Britain’s got Piles’ or some such, and all that stupid screaming and screeching drives me crazy!…

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