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UK PM Gordon Brown is doing SUCH a good job that a new poll in the left wing Guardian shows that Sixty-three per cent of those polled believe Labour would do better with a new leader. I think that is most likely true  – but it won’t happen. Gordon Brown will hang around like a bad smell until next June (2010) when his rotten Party will be swept from power, just as the rancid Conservative administration of John Major was swept into oblivion in 1997. We live in the final days of the NuLabour project and nothing can disguise this. 

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5 thoughts on “A VOTE OF ENDORSEMENT?

  1. For Labour to change leader now would be pointless. There is no obvious successor and the melt-down in May 2010 would be unaffected. The only question is if Labour will drop below 200 MPs. I think they will, and the Tories will be in power for at least 10 years.

  2. I think your parallel with the Major government is apposite. There is a similar feel to those days – a government running out of steam.
    Governments have a life, people get fed up with them, they remember the bad stuff and not the good. It is the way of politics.
    Frankly Labour could elect my cat to be leader of the party and it would make no difference to the outcome of the election. Labour are going to lose.
    And there is an argument that that is good for the country. Too long under any one government and things start to go very stale.
    The real debate is cui bono? In these difficult times the more extreme parties, the single-issue parties, and those outside the norm are likely to do better. Whether they do well enough to get an MP who knows?
    It is possible that the Lib Dems may do well, but I am not sure about that. Clegg hasn’t made much of an impact and I don’t think he chimes with voters.
    I predict a very low turnout (although not as low as that for the forthcoming euro elections).

  3. I’d vote for a cat.

    Peter –

    Labour despatching Maximum Idiot One wouldn’t change the outcome of the next general election, but they might still do it as panic sets in MPs realise that unemployment looms.

    A pair at ringside for me.

  4. And who would this ‘new leader’ be? Miliband, Harman, Balls? As soon as the new leader were nominated, the first thing that person would do is tell a known lie such as "immigration has been good for the country". Then the game’s up.

  5. Labour should have gotten rid of Brown late last year but they were deluded by the "Brown bounce" into thinking he might actually turn it around.

    Brown is also very lucky that Harriet Harman appears to be the most likely successor because she is the one person who could do a worse job than he has.

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