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Interesting to note that 10,000 Polish women came to Britain for NHS abortions last year. The practice has cost the service a total of more than £10MILLION.

Terminations are illegal in Poland, so the women find temporary work here to get a National Insurance number, register with a GP then have the op or an abortion pill. One London doctor who asked not to be named said: “As long as they get an NHS number, they haven’t got a problem.” The GP added: “They can say: ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant until I got here, I’m in an impossible situation and need help’.” The figures were revealed in a study by the Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning. Spokeswoman Aleksandra Jozefowska said yesterday: “On Polish internet sites you can find lots of information on how to obtain an abortion in Britain.

There is something profoundly disturbing about the fact that Britain is now the destination of choice for those who seek abortions. Don’t you think? Is this what our nation has been reduced to – a baby aborting factory?

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12 thoughts on “ABORTION CENTRAL…

  1. hmmmm, you were complaining about the numbers of east europeans coming to N. Ireland and having kids on a recent thread 😉

  2. hmm I’m not an advocate of large scale uncontrolled immigration myself, but you really seem to have a big chip on your shoulder against the Poles, they seem to be in your crosshairs as much as the muzzies on this blogsite 🙂

    Bad personal experience with them?? Just curious..

  3. Not on the main subject, I know, but we have a number of Poles in my neighborhood, and I like them. Clean, cheerful, love to work, fit right in.

    We’ll take all the –legal– ones that you don’t want.

  4. I too like the Poles. I have no problem with their presence in however many numbers here in the UK.

  5. Colm/Phantom, same experience with the Poles for me.
    Must be a different lot in N.Ireland though, David seems to have a major hangup about that particular european nationality 😉

  6. Yes I’ve said that before about the Poles. I respect people who work hard and they full marks for that. All Poles in Ireland are legal, and they are all most welcome.

  7. I have worked with huge number of Polish people and they are among the nicest people you can meet. They are friendly, the strive to learn the English language (God help them) and they have an amazing work ethic.

  8. And its funny. Unlike some of our Russian immigrant bretheren, over here the Poles are not known for playing the benefits game or for engaging in any scams.

    I get the feeling that the Poles here would starve rather than take a welfare check, an attitude akin to what you saw with the Irish and Italians and Norwegians in America until very recently. ( An attitude not dead by any means a just not universal as it once was )

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