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Addiction is one of the most horrible mental diseases one can suffer from. Some people can drink, or get high and not wind up an addict. Some believe it is a mental problem, others believe it is genetic.

It is a disease that effects people from every walk of of life, from the lowest of the poor, to the richest of the rich.

The one thing I know for sure is it starts out as a symptom and then blossoms into the overwhelming problem. The disease of addiction can not be stopped by any medication, or by the love of someone that cares for the addict. In most cases loved ones aid the disease in continuing in the addict.

The only thing that turns an addict around is the fear of continued use over weighs the fear of living without using. The addict must reach a bottom.

Only 1 in 10 addicts that go through rehab the first time stay clean, and even if you manage not to use your drug of choice, if you don’t work on your underlying problems your disease comes out in other ways.

In the recovering community there are a lot of clichés. Keep coming back, Fake it till you make it, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The one thing that scares addicts most who have made it past the using stage is “I may have another run in me, but I don’t have another recovery”. Three results are guaranteed all addicts, Jails, Institutions, and Death.

I too counciled addicts in another life, you experience a lot of joy and a lot of pain in doing so. There is hope for recovery and arresting your disease. Belief in a higher power than yourself and the 12 steps.

If you know an addict, pray for them and tell them to get their ass to a meeting as an outsider that is all you have the power to do. Only an addict can stop themselves.

Here is a song of hope for those that suffer.

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6 thoughts on “Addiction, in response to Andrew

  1. Yeah I agree but that’s why I did this post so anyone that wants to comment on either post can do so here.

    Oh and hi Daphne Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  2. I agree that the 12 step program and the whole AA approach has done more for addicts than anything else. So I’m all for it. But I don’t think it’s the whole story and while it’s a solution for the individual it is not a solution for the society.

    Addicts are created faster than they can be cured and some don’t want to be cured. The question is to what extent we are prepared to turn ourselves into a police state in order to stop people going the road they have chosen. We could shoot the dealers and the carriers like China does. I’m quite willing to try that for as long as it takes to show that it doesn’t work. Kill a dealer and you create a job vacancy.

    The major players don’t ever carry or go near the stuff and more than the boss of Guinness carries kegs or pulls pints. You will only eliminate the expendable people worthless though they may be. There are always dupes and desperate people who will take something through customs for small money or to clear a debt or out of fear. Kill them all, no problem. But let’s not fool ourselves that it will solve the problem.

    I think we need to fact the fact that people like to get high and allow them to take personal responsibility for their decisions. Some will die in the gutter as they do now. But many will smoke some joints at home or even take heroin while holding down jobs and getting on with life.

    But the power of the state will be greatly reduced as will crime and the entire underground drug culture. Revenues will increase and spending will reduce. AIDS will not spread as rapidly because addicts will have access to clean needles. What’s the downside? That society will not be expressing its disapproval? Is that worth anything these days?

  3. Very good and thoughtfull posts from Andrew and Troll, and Henry’s comment above is excellent and thought provoking too.

  4. Addiction – a disease? It must be the only ‘disease’ which can be stopped by simple willpower.

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