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From 03:00 CET (that’s now) until 06:00 CET we have an A Tangled Web maintenance window.

Unexpectedness and strangeness will occur. Even more than usual, that is.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


UPDATE: The work went much more smoothly than anticipated AND IS NOW FINISHED, so here’s some classic Gerry Rafferty to celebrate.


Errors and other nonsense may have crept in whilst this code fiddling occurred. If you spot anything, please leave something in the comments.

There is now an ATW Development site HERE . Usernames and passwords are exactly the same as here on the main site so please use that site as a place for ideas.

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12 thoughts on “Administrivia

  1. Concur with that

    You are doing good work and I for one like the new look of the comments

  2. I agree I like the new comments structure, but I do find it a bit offputting that each person’s comments no longer has a border, (well not that I can see anyway) but I suppose I will get used to that.

  3. Colm, Pete has already raised that on the Dev site. I’ve done two things over there; added lines and added a dynamic Preview thingy.


    Let me know what you think, especially about the preview thing, as there are other options too.

    Usernames and passwords are the same there as here.

  4. I agree with Colm the posts do sort of blend in to one another right now.

    Not that I am anything but grateful to our illustrious hosts.

  5. Well done, Gerry, err. Geoff

    Is it possible to allow double “<>…<<" after each other, they are merged into one 🙁

  6. The point of the Dev site is to test these ideas and implement them if they work. Head there and ask because that’s where we will test your ideas.

    PeteM and Ernest helped today with the new Preview feature and the lines. Those changes are now live. Splendid ideas and effort, chaps.

    Noel, I genuinely have no idea why you call me Gerry? Apologies because I bet I’m missing a good joke?

  7. Yes,
    thanks indeed to all who labour on our behalf.
    I agree with Colm, the bordered comments was a good feature,
    and I would like to see some useful buttons for enhancing the comments-
    italics/strike through at the very least.
    (What an ungrateful b*****d I am!)

  8. Phantom, look down the page when you type. It previews below the box automatically!

    I’ve just added the lines now. Hope that helps too.

  9. Ahh….

    I had even noticed that to be happening but did not think through that it was ” preview ”

    An interesting way to do it- good stuff

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