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Depressing to see that airspace across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is once more closed this morning. I see no aircraft in the skies and the eerie silence returns, at least for the next several hours. It seems that another cloud of volcanic ash is floating over us and the danger is deemed too high to send up passenger jets into that cloud density. On the up side, those people living in the proximity of George Best Airport will have a more restful morning than usual…

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  1. Always entertaining that planes carrying press cameras are flying right over Eyælfückingkillyoüåll taking pictures but us proles aren’t allowed to fly a kite in a different timezone for certainty of instant ash-death.

  2. That’s cause the press membership are almost always Liberal hacks, and they’re immune from forces of nature.

  3. I wish they would limit the grounding to RyanAir flights. That would be welcome positive discrimination.

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