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Well done to Harrys Place for yesterdays Al Quds counter demo in London. From the Jerusalem Post:


The counterprotest was organized by the popular British blog "Harry’s Place‚" under the banner "Oppose the Government of Iran, support the people of Iran." It included a variety of individuals, Jewish and non-Jewish, from all along the political spectrum: Iranian dissident groups and individuals stood with human rights campaigners, socialist groups like the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and anarchist group Class War.


"We wanted to see if we could pull together people from across the political spectrum, from communists to liberals, who support democracy and human rights in Iran and oppose the current murderous regime," Dave T., the proprietor of "Harry’s Place" and organizer of the counter-demo, told The Jerusalem Post.

They also report on Ahmadinejad’s solution to the Israel Problem, from his 2007 Al Quds Day speech….

Ethnic cleansing:


Millions of Iranians once again held annual International Qods Day rallies on Friday, with a call by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be relocated, away the Middle East and the Islamic world.


"Canada and Alaska have vast lands, why don’t you relocate them (Israel) over there and keep helping them over there with (aid of) 30 to 40 billion dollars per year for building a new existence over there," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech.

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8 thoughts on “al quds counter demo in london

  1. Nice to see some of what I certainly would have thought would be the usual suspects actually marching alongside the human race for a change. But seriously, Class War? I thought they were all Bank Managers now!

  2. So Amadinejad now wants Israel transplanted to Canada. Reminiscent of the nazis and their plan to "resettle" the jews in the east, before they hit on plain old genocide as their final solution to "the problem".

  3. >>Reminiscent of the nazis and their plan to "resettle" the jews in the east,<<

    Peter, many of the Nazis in charge of getting rid of the Jews actually wanted – the bastards – to settle them in Israel-Palestine!

  4. Israel-Palestine? Is that not where Jews have always lived, and well before the advent of the religion of peace?

  5. On the point of the post – good to see a disparate group protesting against this brutal regime. Hopefully a sing some leftists are moving away from the kneejerk my-enemy’s-enemy-is-my-friend thinking.

  6. Harry’s Place are pretty solid on the side of Israel. They refer to Hamas et al as ‘clerical fascists’ which is pretty bang on for a start.

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