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Did you read that three men have been arrested over  threats to kill Prime Minister Gordon Brown? The threats, also against former prime minister Tony Blair, were made in January on a recognised jihadi website. The group posting the statement called itself “Al Qaeda in Britain” and demanded the withdrawal of British forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. The men were arrested at Manchester Airport and in Accrington, Lancashire. The arrests were a joint operation between Lancashire Police and Greater Manchester Counter Terrorism Unit. Detectives have searched the homes of the men, aged 21, 22 and 23.  Two of the addresses searched were on Percival Street, Whalley Range, and Cromwell Street, Audley Range, in Blackburn.

Once again we see a familiar pattern. Islamic terrorists infesting the former mill towns of the north of England. It appears that our former industrial heartlands have been converted into bases for Al Queda care of the advance of Islam. I await the Muslim Council of Britain issuing a comprehensive condemnation of these individuals who would use the Religion of Peace to advance the Jihad agenda….

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5 thoughts on “AL QUEDA IN BLACKBURN

  1. "Did you read that three men have been arrested over threats to kill Prime Minister Gordon Brown?"

    al-Qaeda? You sure?

    Wouldn’t that be a counter productive move for them?

  2. I listened to the report of this last night on BBC Radio 4. Needless to say, the word "islamic" was missing.

  3. David , You may have to wait quite a while for that condemnation from the MCB , until Hell freezes over .

  4. and when the bombs go off in London again everyone except these poor misunderstood souls will be blamed

  5. blackburn has the biggest population of terrorists in britain, their mosques are government funded, they supply the most drugs to britain than any other place in britain. why are we funding these people.

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