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Academia produces a very SPECIAL kind of stupid;

A London University may become the first in the country to ban alcohol from part of its campus to attract more Muslim students, its Vice Chancellor has said.  London Metropolitan University is considering banning the sale of alcohol from some parts of the campus because a “high percentage” of students consider drinking “immoral,” Prof Malcolm Gillies said. One-fifth of the University’s students are Muslim, and of those the majority are women. It is an issue of “cultural sensitivity” to provide drink-free areas, Prof Gillies told a conference, adding he was “not a great fan of alcohol on campus”.

How about a little selective Sharia, Professor? How about providing prayer mats for those “culturally sensitive” students? Unrefined dhimmitude.

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11 thoughts on “ALCOHOL FREE ACADEMIA…

  1. “It is an issue of “cultural sensitivity” to provide drink-free areas, Prof Gillies told a conference …”

    He’s been on the course, probably arranged by Common Purpose.

  2. What if some Islamic students wanted a gay-free area. Which ‘cultural sensitivities’ would triumph then ?

  3. One-fifth of the University’s students are Muslim

    So they get to dictate to the 80% who are not? FFS.

  4. Numerous campuses in the US are alcohol free, doesn’t seem to have caused any problems there.

  5. The free market at work. The universities, starved of state funding, are trying to attract rich students from the Gulf states. Like Islamic banking, it’s the bottom line, nohting to do with (non-existant) ‘Islamification’!

  6. The prayer mats and foot baths are probably already in place.

    The soccer pitch is being converted into a “stoning arena” for those errant women who show wrist flesh from under their Burqas.

    I wonder if they serve Halal pizza in the [seperated by gender] student lounge too.

    ************Mohammed (peace be upon him) University.***************

    Ken Livingstone – Professor of Dhimmitude

    George Galloway – Professor of Fatwa assignments

  7. If it draws muslims away from other universities so that it leaves British students in peace then why complain.

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