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Any serious observer of what is happening in Greece has long since realised that the Greek economic tragedy has long since become a farce; Reflect on these stats for a second if you will;

 “Every detail of the Greek economy is worse than officially forecast just weeks ago.”

And WHO is surprised that these  “official” forecasts were wrong?

The budget unveiled this morning estimates that public debt will reach 189pc of GDP next year (not 179pc).

The budget deficit will be 5.2pc (not 4.2pc).

The economy will shrink 4.5pc next year (not 3.8pc).

Unemployment is already 25.1pc and 55.6pc for youth.

Just for the record:

The EU-IMF Troika originally said that the economy would contract by just 2.6pc in 2010, before growing by 1.1pc in 2011, and 2.1pc in 2012.

In fact Greek GDP contracted by 4.5pc in 2010, 6.9pc in 2011, and will shrink 6.5pc this year, and now 4.5pc next year.
The cumulative error is colossal.

And yet, the fiction that all will be well is stoically maintained by the Eurocrats

The EU is fatally flawed and cannot contain an economy such as that of Greece.

It remains a matter of suggestion as to WHEN, not IF, it will leave the EU!

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