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When it comes to promoting and preserving my country, there is absolutely no compromise as far as I am concerned.  This is the United Kingdom in its entirety.  Here it is and here it stays.  You either pledge allegiance to the United Kingdom, (as people in America do to their nation), its culture and way of life, or you get the hell out and don’t come back.  No half-way-house.  The symbols of this country should be on display and if certain vocal minorities have a problem with that, they know what they can do!

Apparently the Labour government doesn’t share my conviction.  When jaw-dropping Gordy took on the mantle of Prime Minister, he told us to expect a re-energising of Britishness, starting with the flying of the Union Flag from government buildings.  Cool!  Then we were told Northern Ireland would be exempt, lest it offend those who excused – or voted for those who excused – types that threw incendiary devices into hotels where dog lovers were staying.  Fast forward another month and the conviction has been further watered down – this time to appease the MacNasties who unfortunately have the levers of power in Edinburgh.

Scotland is to be exempt from the Union Flag proposals.  What next?  Are nationalist areas of west Wales also to be exempt?  To add insult to injury the MacNasties are now suggesting the gradual dwindling of displays of our country’s flag and the elevation of the Saltire, a rather less appealing vexillological display, to replace it.  Like their counterparts in Ulster, Scottish separatists are acutely aware of the power of psychological symbolism.  That’s why they have Edinburgh Castle in their sights.  I suppose the fact that Edinburgh Castle is also an army barracks for the Royal Regiment of Scotland – a division of the BRITISH Army and therefore outside petty separatist politics – has escaped this Anglophobic rabble.

You can’t criticise the SNP for being obnoxious scumbags.  It’s what separatists throughout the UK are best at.  You can excoriate the Labour government for not having the courage to follow through on their supposed British convictions.

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