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I sometimes read articles in the Guardian / Observer, if only on the principle that, in order to defeat your enemy, you have to know how he thinks. Usually, I pass by, figuratively, if not literally, shaking my head in disbelief at the thinking of a bunch of sopping-wet idiots who not only cannot see the wood; If they did see it, they would reckon it was a mirage.

But, reading an article yesterday about Australian policy regarding illegal immigration, and how so-called asylum-seeking Tamils should not be returned to Sri Lanka; I ventured a measured, factual and entirely straight-forward comment; and it lasted about fifteen minutes before being obliterated under their ‘Community standards’ Gauleiter.

It must be really nice to be a Guardian reader, secure in your own small niche of unreality; free from even the slightest observation that you may, or even might, be wrong!

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6 thoughts on “all the news you wish to read

  1. there are always well meaning but dim folk who believe in the value and worth of all men, but fail to realise that by accepting anyone and everything you will eventually find yourself one of the oppressed and dispossessed..
    but no one will care.

  2. It’s interesting to note that not a peep is ever said about the Chinese attitude to asylum seekers arriving by sea.

    Years ago Hong Kong had a severe problem with ‘boat people’ arriving from Vietnam, and in typical pragmatic style, rammed and sank them on a regular basis until the message finally got through and the invasion dried up.
    The argument then was that Vietnam was not at war, and they were purely economic migrants, but that didn’t stop the Western media from having a go at China, who issued veiled threats about ‘relations’ with the West. The media attention soon dried up.

    I remember Enoch Powell being asked about the plight of these boat people, to which he replied “See they to that”, and made no other comment.

  3. I remember Enoch Powell being asked about the plight of these boat people, to which he replied “See they to that”, and made no other comment.

    Which is why as a Christian I remain a nationalist. No country can absorb all the poor, all the dispossessed, all the persecuted without being ultimately changed by a challenger.

    Respect other folk even if you disagree with their practices. But to accept everybody and everything into your homeland on the basis of “luuuurve’ is a perversion of Christianity.
    I pointed out recently to Petr I think, that the emphasis of the New Testament church was not on caring and providing for “the poor” but on caring and providing first and foremost for your fellow Christian.

  4. Harri- Yazza is a racist loon but I think she writes for the Independent. Her hatred is made all the more hypocritical considering Britain gave her a home when her fellow racist loon Idi Amin kicked all the Asians out of Uganda.

    On the other hand the Guardian does employ Julie Bindel admits she hates all men and Joseph Harker who says that by definition all white people are racist and no black person can be.

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