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I was buying some USB gear and some fibre-optic cable online this morning, and when I received the e-mail acknowledgement, I noticed an advert at the base of the page which offered coverage and speedy repair / replacement of my digital broadcast equipment in the specific case of losing viewing time during the Olympics.


Now if only there was a policy on offer which would guarantee I would not be bothered at all by the Olympics, that truly would be something I would buy!

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5 thoughts on “Alternatives…

  1. Mike, O/t I just got cable so now I’m on 31Mb whoopee!
    Not bad for the woilds of Efficks.

    My wifi network has three PC’s. One running XP, one laptop on Vista and one on Win7.
    I have one old USB mono laser printer next to my XP desktop (now connected wirelessly). I want to be able to print wirelessly anywhere. The Cable Router is next to the modem away from all the PC’s in my porch next to the master socket.

    So…wireless print server- any suggestions (I prefer Netghear..gear)? or I’ve tried to set up a workgroup and print via a USB into the desktop..but my old XP machine seems to hate the WPA2 encryption I think.

    Or give up and buy a wireless enabled mono laser?

    Whadya think?

    Netgear N600 router.

  2. Oh I also have two Android phones linked to my network a couple of wifi radio’s and a android tablet. So I won’t be changing or removing the network password.

  3. Dog…,

    I would think your best bet is a Bluetooth Wireless Dongle set into the printer USB port, Hook it up, let Windows search for it, and it should connect seamlessly into your system.

    You may have to set your Network to see it, but otherwise it should work.

  4. Thanks Mike,
    I re-tried the workgroup approach last night. Which finally worked. Just means I have to have my Desktop on when I want to print from any other machine. No biggie!

    I was almost tempted to buy one of those new fangled wireless monochrome laser printers…(Samsung Misc Letter/Numbers) from £80 or so. When my own Samsung ML1510 is still the best printer I have ever owned. £30 from fleabay and a fiver to refill the toner powder cartridge..once a few years ago.

    Thanks again,

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