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The following is the full 5min rant by another NY Clown Representative. Representative Jones stands in Congress for the people of the 17th District of NY.

New York’s 17th congressional district is a congressional district for the United States House of Representatives located in Southern New York. It includes all of Rockland County, and portions of central and northwestern Westchester County, including the village of Port Chester, the city of White Plains, and the Tappan Zee Bridge. The district has been Democrat controlled Representative Jones entire life.

Yet the first thing out of his mouth is to attack Republicans, to blame Republicans for not just the last School Shooting, but ALL School Shootings. (The majority of School Shootings are committed by the Children of Democrats at a 9-1 ratio) Democrats including the President and Representative Jones REFUSE to harden schools against terrorist attack from the children their party members have raised. The House of Representatives is hardened, the Senate is Hardened, and the White House is certainly Hardened, but the 97,568 public schools that house the nations children in their view do not deserve hardening. Their lives are more important than our children’s lives.

While this clown rants on the floor of the House demanding that the government take our guns this is what is going on in his own District that he has done NOTHING to fix so far just this year…

Murder’s 16, Rape’s 73, Robbery’s 809, Fel. Assault’s 746, Burglary’s 1,167, Gr. Larceny’s 4,299, Shooting Victim’s 26, Shooting Incidents 22, and 72 Hate Crimes. All in Representative Jones completely Democrat Controlled District.

NY sends total asses to Congress, this is nothing new, it is the NY Standard. Idiot’s, Perverts, and Thieves are all they elect. The good Congressman might serve his community better concentrating on the Crime being perpetuated against the people he represents before he worries about what guns are in Law Abiding Citizens Homes.

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