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In his posting just prior to mine own, our American cousin seems to reckon that the ‘pollsters’ may have called their game results for Obama, and only a surprise ‘happenstance’ will provide an upset favouring Romney.

Writing as an Englishman, but with a longstanding and deep interest in the politics of a Nation which used to hold the undefended title of ‘Bastion of Freedom’, I am not so certain that Americans have been taken in by the fast-talking would-be demagogue from Kenya, or Hawaii, or even Chicago. The questions which have been asked but never even addressed, never mind answered are too numerous for even the slickest skater not to appear stumbling as the final weeks slide by towards the election.

Never mind the fact that Romney has shown himself to be possibly the worst choice of the straggly bunch of G.O.P. nominees. Never mind that time and time again, Romney has placed his foot so firmly in his mouth that it needs a surgical procedure to correct the problem.

The people who maybe should have been part of the pollsters’ surveys have said their piece, and if you take their words as part of the equation, a great many votes which the Democratic Party are confident of retaining are not as clearly caught as maybe hoped for. It is an unfortunate fact that many people still regard politicians as people who are supposed to deliver on their promises, and if there hasn’t been the delivery; maybe, just maybe, the votes will melt away like a  ‘Ben & Jerry’ special on a hot summer’s day!

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One thought on “An alternative viewpoint

  1. good article but it will be dismissed by everyone here because it goes against what they “perceive” to be.

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